Prince Zuko is a major character in the Nickelodeon television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Initially the series's main villain, Zuko develops into one of the show's main heroes by the third season. He is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament. He is the father of Izumi.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Tackling His Sins

As Fire Lord Ozai takes control of much of the world, he sends his son to eliminate the renegade Homunculus, Greed, a perpetual thorn in the side of the Fire Nation and its allies. As Zuko swears to bring Greed in, the Homunculus responds with a swift punch to the face. Zuko recovers, only for Greed to, correctly assume, that he has never killed anyone. Zuko, furious, hurls a burst of fire at Greed's hand, managing to pierce the Homunculus's Ultimate Shield. Zuko attacks again and again, wearing down Greed's shield. At just the right moment, he impales the monster on a sword. Greed, wanting to make sure it is able to warn Zuko of its brethren's evil, reveals the weakness of all Homunculi: they grow defeatable when near the bodies of those humans they were meant to replace. Zuko takes the unconscious Greed to Ozai, who then surrenders him to Greed's maker, Father.

Killing an Emperor

Knowing that his father is at war with Nekron, the leader of the Ice Nation, Zuko pays close attention to the conflict's proceedings. When Admiral Zhao expresses his intent to destroy Nekron's blockade and free the Fire Nation's forces, Zuko decides to infiltrate the navy in order to earn glory for himself. His assistance ends up being required, as Zhao and most of his men are killed in a bout against Mrazomor. Zuko, disguised in a mask, dashes through Mrazomor's defenses, the living ice mountains, impaling the ice emperor with a sword. Zuko departs while the emperor of ice fades into nothingness.

New World, New Threats

Ozai uses Zuko's victory to penetrate and destroy the Ice Nation. Upon his crowning as Phoenix King, Ozai grants Zuko an improved status in the royal lineage. Zuko feels conflicted about his role, growing even more fearful as Britannian emissary Julius Kingsley worms his way into the family.

Cartoon Villains War

Heroes vs Villains War-Part Two

Searching Avatar

Some distance away, Shan Yu and Prince Zuko, prince of the Fire Nation, noticed the column of light, with the latter realizing he was closing in on the quarry he had been searching for for years.Zuko was heading closer to where Aang and his friends were. Though his uncle, Iroh, insisted on warming him up in a tea-drinking session, Zuko wanted nothing more than to capture Aang to restore his honor. Despite his exaggerated behavior, he was unaware that the seagull Scuttle overheard his goal, who flew to seek assistance.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Informing Lord Ozai

Zuko give the information about Queen Grimhilde being a threat.

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