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Prince Hans is the primary antagonist of the 2013 Disney film adaptation, Frozen. A vengeful and greedy royal prince, wishing on claiming a kingdom and wealth for his own, Prince Hans is a secondary player in the third part of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War. He also has a significant role in the second part of Disney vs. Anime Villains War.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

At the outset of the war, Hans is serving under High King Pitch Black as a member of the ruling council of the Multi-World Nation, with his domain being the kingdom of the Aestas. He, alongside the other council members, is called to a meeting in the capital by Pitch himself, who reveals that there has recently been an attempt on his life, shocking Hans as well as the other rulers. Pitch then states his suspicion that someone in his council was responsible (specifically pointing out Hans as a possible suspect), and promising to root out whoever did so.

For some time after this, Hans remains in the capital to see to some business. During this time, he hears the news that two of Pitch's other council members, Hopper and King Candy, have led their kingdoms into a rebellion against the king, and have succeeded in conquering the kingdom of Duloc. Seeing an opportunity to convince Pitch of his loyalty and simultaneously increase his own power, Hans begins courting the heir to Pitch's throne, Prince Charming. Everything goes according to plan, as he managed to hit it off with Charming, prompting the two to break out into a duet to proclaim their affections for each other. As the lover of Pitch's heir, Hans is now ever closer to the throne of the Multi-World Nation.

Shortly after this, Hans receives word that Terra Cyclonia, the kingdom of fellow council member Cyclonis and the base of Pitch's air force, has been blockaded by an army of digital soldiers, and thus will be unable to help Pitch strike against the rebellion. Seeing a way to work the situation to his advantage, Hans personally delivers the news to Pitch. As Pitch explodes into a rage at being unable to deal with the rebellion due to being blocked at every turn, Hans steps forward and offers to present a solution. He proposes that, since Hopper and Candy would likely expect them to attack Duloc, they should instead launch an attack on Candy's kingdom, Sugar Rush, which would force them to vacate Duloc to defend their home kingdom. To Hans's delight, Pitch approves of the idea, but as he is about to order his second-in-command, Lord Shen, to lead the attack, Hans makes another suggestion: allow himself and Charming to lead the attack, since it would give Charming a chance to prove himself to the peasants by personally striking down the traitors. When Charming objects to the idea, Hans assures him that it would be good for both of them. Pitch agreed, and gives them the order to attack at dawn.

Just before the attack takes place, Hans holds a quick marriage ceremony for himself and Charming, hoping to secure his position in case Charming falls in battle. The two are married by Charming's mother, the Fairy Godmother, before setting out to invade Sugar Rush.

With the armies of the Aestas and Far Far Away at his disposal, Hans leads the attack on Sugar Rush alongside Charming. Immediately, Hans finds himself forced to face off against Hopper's ally, Roman Torchwick, who is piloting a mech suit and easily blasts through Hans' soldiers. At this point, Archibald Snatcher, a spy that had infiltrated the rebellion for Pitch, enters the battle to aid the royal forces, briefly catching Torchwick's attention. Seeing this, Hans takes advantage of his enemy's distraction and uses the time to make a plan to take him down. Seeing that they are now fighting under a large chandelier, Hans throws the aim of one of his crossbowmen to the ceiling, causing the chandelier to fall on top of Torchwick's mech and destroy it. As Torchwick stumbles out of the wreck, one of Hans's crossbowmen fires at him, only for Torchwick's right hand, Neo, to block the shot with her umbrella. Determined to kill the two, Hans then slashes at them with his sword, supposedly shattering them. Hans takes the moment to jokingly reflect on how he had just hit new levels of shattering, and how he might have missed his calling as a demolitions man. It is at this moment that Hades, a fallen god that Candy had imprisoned in his dungeon, enters the battle. Hans watches as Hades, burning with anger, unleashed a massive fiery blast that incinerates King Candy and his armies. Meanwhile, Charming and Snatcher succeed in killing Hopper, leaving Hans and Charming the victors of the battle.

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