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Frog Agent of the Secret Service

Prince Frederic, agent of the French Secret Service

Prince Frederic, also known as Freddie, is a former Monacan prince that was turned into a frog by his evil aunt Messina, later becoming a secret agent of the French Secret Service on to stop the evil mastermind El Supremo, and his aunt Messina from taking over the world. He is the main protagonist of the British animated movie Freddie as F.R.O.7. He also appears in the events of Heroes vs. Villains, though his role in the series, while true in most of its original aspect, is slightly different from that of the original continuity.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Cursed by Ursula

Prince Frederic appears in the early events of the war as amongst the heroes targetted by the villain alliance. While still young, Frederic still posed a threat to Mok and Maleficent's designs. To that end, the sea-witch Ursula assaulted him in his castle in Monaco, transforming him into a frog. Desperate to escape from Ursula's clutches in his new form, Frederic leaps into the moat outside of his castle, with Ursula following him in hot pursuit. Though he found shelter in what appeared to be a cave, he discovers that he was held in the jaws of the Scottish plesiosaur Nessie, who challenged the sea-witch on his behalf. Unwilling to test her strength against the beast, Ursula teleporta away in a whirlwind, though the wind's passing caused a large boulder to fall and pin Nessie underneath it.

While trying to get her out of her predicament, Frederic and Nessie have the chance to speak with each other. Just then, the mermaid Ariel and her companions arrive to free Nessie from the boulder. Striking up a friendship, the group depart from the seas of Monaco.

Hunted by Messina

Sadly for them, the sorceress Messina, who also happened to be Frederic's aunt, has caught word of her nephew's relationship with Ariel, and set forward to challenge them. Though Ariel's father King Triton manages to get a hold against Messina, he is no match against the sorceress' powers, who put him out of commission. Frederic and Ariel depart immediately to avoid her wrath.

New Allies

Shortly thereafter, the group encounter the newly tranforned frogs Prince Naveen and Tiana, who also happened to be targeted victims of the villain alliance. They gladly take him into their group. Additionally, they happen upon the sauropod Littlefoot, who lost his mother earlier on. The group decides to take him on their journey while on the search for his family.

Rejuvenated Form

As they passed over to the seas of Peru, Frederic and Ariel's group happen upon some left over potions from Yzma, (which had the effect of transforming marine creatures into humans). As Ariel and Prince Frederic draw closer, becoming exposed to the potions, they are quickly transformed; Ariel is turned human, while Frederic is turned into a mature adult humanoid frog. After their transformations, Ariel and Frederic's group depart to the seas of Europe to stop the villain alliance.

As they enter the coastline of Europe, the group stumble upon Sinbad's pirate crew, including Sinbad's lover Marina, joining forces with them as the pirates devise a plan to save Sinbad from Ursula's employer, Queen Grimhilde, in Germany. As the heroes introduced themselves, they failed to notice the python Kaa was stalking them. Emerging from hiding, he manages to mesmerize Ariel, planning to devour her. However, Marina stops his advance, freeing Ariel before Frederic stood against the python. Outraged, Kaa wraps Frederic in his coils, trying to crush the life from him. Finding himself in a dire situation, Frederic musters his courage as he frees himself and tosses Kaa's coils into a nearby tree. Outnumbered, Kaa retreats, though not before swearing revenge against Frederic.

On the Rescue

As they head on to Castle Grimhilde to free Sinbad, Ariel, Frederic, and Sinbad's crew happen upon upon the martial artist Daffers and the eccentric inventor Scotty, two agents of the French Secret Service who willingly join the group in hopes of striking back at Queen Grimhilde. The heroes gladly accept them into their group, with Frederic befriending them.

When they arrive in the courtyard of Grimhilde's castle, the heroes make their reveal, with Frederic shooting Ursula on the shoulder. When the pirate Captain Hook advances towards the frog agent, Frederic bashes him into the castle walls. As the heroes free Sinbad, Frederic and the others withdraw.

As they introduce themselves to Sinbad, the group explains their situation to the Arabic pirate, particularly Ariel, Tiana, and Naveen, who were trying to find a way to undo their previous transformations (with the exception of Frederic, who happens to find his new agile body quite useful and convenient against the villain forces). Sinbad gladly agrees to help them on their quest, though he proposes to set out for Syracuse to accumulate more soldiers and reunite with Prince Proteus, whom he lost contact with since his capture by Ursula. While most of the crewmen agreed to Sinbad's proposal, Daffers and Scotty suggest to stop by a small port on the Danish coastline, having heard of a gathering of scientists whom they suspected could help them with returning Ariel, Naveen, and Tiana to their original states. Reluctantly, Sinbad agrees, setting course for the small port.

Escapades in Denmark

As the heroes arrive in the coast of Denmark, Scotty and Daffers guide Sinbad's crew to a floating boathouse, where its occupants, Professor MacKrill and Captain Neweyes, greet them. The two scientists then reveal to Sinbad's crew their close acquaintance, Ludwig Von Drake, who had been helping them with their experiments in transforming marine life into humanoid forms and back. Fortunately, MacKrill provides the group with a variety of potions containing the transformative elixir that the scientists had been working on. Testing it on Ariel, the group looked on as Ariel was reverted to her mermaid form. However, before Tiana and Naveen could be returned to human form, Lord Maliss and El Supremo, two allies of Grimhilde, ambushes them, having been sent by Grimhilde to kidnap the scientists and force them to work for her. While the villains were distracted, Sinbad's crew escape as soon as possible, not wanting to risk a battle with Grimhilde's allies, leaving the scientists to be captured by El Supremo's soldiers.

While on the run, Sinbad and Frederic's crew stop on a small island for a short rest after their escape from Grimhilde's forces. Just then, a new arrival makes into the scene, as "Aladdin", in reality the devious mermaid Marina Del Ray, reveals himself to the heroes, telling them that he had been sent by Queen Grimhilde to kill Sinbad. While expecting their foe less than intimidated, the heroes are forced to fight him when he aggressively provoked. While distracted by Sinbad and Marina, Frederic knocks him into the surf with a single blow. Upon "Aladdin's" defeat, Sinbad and his crew depart to Castle Grimhilde in Germany, eager to free the captured scientists from Grimhilde and her forces. Soon after, the group reunite with Ariel, who was briefly seperated in the escape from Denmark, rejoining forces with her, as they planned their attack on Grimhilde's forces.

Captured in Germany

As Sinbad's crew arrive in Germany, they run into Tarzan and his resistance force. As they explained the severity on the situation regarding about the counter-strike offensive against the villains, they get ambushed by Grimhilde's outnumbered forces, forcing the heroes to retreat into the wilds.

Still, the villains chase after them, ambushing Sinbad, Ariel, Frederic, and his allies. Ariel and Frederic find themselves on the path of Lord Maliss and Morgana, with the former sealing Ariel into a magical barrage. Finding Ariel struggling to free herself from Maliss' spell, Frederic volunteers to save her, using his mystical powers to release the mermaid from her imprisonment, though at the cost of overusing his powers to the full, leading him to weariness and exhaustion. As the prince fainted out, Grimhilde's forces capture him as new hostage.

Escape from Castle Grimhilde

After the attack of the villains, Frederic, Sinbad, Tarzan, and most of their allies are brought into the dungeons of Castle Grimhilde, announching their execution by the dawn of the next day, hoping that their remain friends would lose their morale in that way. Shortly thereafter, the heroes are joined by Aladdin, who lashes out to Sinbad due to his previous confrontation, though in reality was a set up by the goddess Eris to pit them against each other. With the help of the other heroes, they convince the heroes to stop their fighting, explaining that it was not the time to make enemies of each other, and instead focus on getting out of prison. But before they could continue, El Supremo, Messina, and their soldiers arrived to to carry on the execution.

As the heroes watch on, the villains prepare to carry on the execution, only to be haulted by Captain Phoebus and Osmosis Jones' task-force of heroes, who release most of the heroes. Though mostly joined as spectator, Frederic usher most of the mon-combatants to safety.

While escaping from Castle Grimhilde, the heroes are pursued by the remain forces of Grimhilde. Frederic encounters Captain Hook once again, using his mystic powers to jolt Hook's attack. However, Hook finds a second wind and pounds Frederic, while distracted, with his hook and rapier, knocking him down. Right before he could finish him, Hook is caught by the Highland Colin, who clashed blades with him to save Frederic. As the heroes took the wounded Frederic, they decide to retreat, having dealt a critical blow to Grimhilde's forces.

Joining the Resistance

After the escape, Frederic and the resistance rejoin with Moses back on Mount Sinai, the base of the resistance movement, deciding to secure their hold against the villains' attacks.

Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains War

Frederic in his youth prior to his transformation as a frog.