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Pride, not confused with the manga and Brotherhood counterpart of the character, is one of the primary antagonists of the 2003 adapted anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. The strongest of the Homunculi, Pride portrays the role of King Fuehrer Bradley, a character in which in the manga and the Brotherhood incarnations is shared only by the Homunculus, Wrath. More information, regarding the character's story can be found here and here. The archive footage of the 2003 incarnation of Pride is slightly used, in the events of the Non-Disney Villains Tournament, though serving as an alias of the Brotherhood's incarnation of Wrath, and furthermore of Envy.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

The Archive footage of the 2003 incarnation of Pride is used, in the fight of "Wrath" against Javert and the Colonel. In reality, this is a scheming game for the Homunculi, to lure the Iscariot's agents into their trap. As part of their plan, Envy takes the form of Wrath, though in different shots the 2003 incarnation of Pride is seen, and battles the Colonel and Javert. In the ensuing battle, Selim Bradley, King Fuehrer Bradley's son, arrives in the room, with a mystical artifact in his hands, a magical skull. Wrath then chockes his son to death, before turning his intentions to the others. However, the Colonel, after breaking free, shoots at several vats of flammable chemical, near the Homunculus, incinerating it alive, while Javert melts the skull, hoping that it would end the Homunculus' life. Thinking, that they have won the battle, Javert and the Colonel attempt to escape. However, Selim reveals his true colors, as he is no one else than the Brotherhood incarnation of Pride. Taking them by surprise, Pride captures them both, while Wrath reveals his true self, as the Homunculus, Envy.

The Footage of the 2003 incarnation of Pride is also used in the scene, when Homunculi discuss about their true goal, to lure Charles zi Britannia into the Ba Sing Se city, where they would release the "great evil", Father's creator. The 2003 version of Pride is not seen again for the rest of the war.