Dr. Preterius

Dr. Pretorius, not to be confused with the scientist from the Mask, is a background character in the movie "Felidae". He only appears in flashbacks of Claudandus, who confess that Dr. Preterius had treated him more like a scientist experiment, rather than an animal, furthermore explaining the reason of hating the humans in both the movie and the villains wars. Dr. Pretorius makes a cameo appearance in Heroes vs. Villains War, again in flashbacks.

Heroes Vs Villains War


Before the events of the first war, Pretorius was a scientist of Ogthar, a researcher, who searched for dinosaurs remains. When he discovered the Ruby Sunstone (aka the Philosopher's Stone), he brought it to his scientists to examine it's powers. Pretorius and some other scientists came to the conclusion, that it is forbidden to anyone to use the powers of the Philosopher's Stone, not knowing what the consequences are. Despite hearing his scientinsts warnings, Ogthar uses the Philosopher's Stone for his own purposes. However, his actions led him to his doom, as later was sealed in a tomb by Macbeth.

After his master loss, Pretorius began his own research, working on a bonding glue for some experiment cats and other animals. One day, when he took a break from his work, one of the experiment cats, named Claudandus finds the opportunity to strike against the doctor. While he was not looking, Pretorius is easily knocked out by the cat's skills and later disposed off by Claundandus' claws. The story was later told by one of his collegues, Dr. Greed, and one his friends, Cruella DeVille, explaing the reason of forming the faction, known as the Animal Cruelty Squad, a society, determined to kill all of the animals. On the other side, Claudandus, who had escaped from Pretorius' lab, explains the reason of hating the human race to Scar and his allies by telling his own story by his own theory. This story was the motive of begining the war on both of sides.

Pretorius is later mentioned by the tiger, Shere Khan, when the forces of Scar cooperate with the Animal Cruelty Squad, on orders of the Evil Queen. During the meeting, Shere Khan refers the deceased scientist as a little knowledge he had from Claudandus, for the society of the Animal Cruelty Squad, furthermore angering Cruella and her allies.

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