Preed (full name Preedez Yoa) was a treacherous alien mercenary associated with the Drej in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

He was a secondary villain in the Don Bluth animated film Titan A.E.

Disney Vs Non Disney

Vs Gantu

Working for the Drej to prepare for the attack on Zurg Preed was shocked to find Gantu waiting for him. Attempting to bluff his way out, Gantu shot Preed pointblank. As his body fell down the stairs, Gantu joined with Zurg.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Murder and Loss

Preed, along with his partner-in-crime, Korso, tries to capture an alien named Leah for a bounty. He encounters two foes in Thrax and Tyler, also after Leah. When Thrax beats down Korso, Preed tries to turn his gun onto the parasite. But Thrax knocks him away. Preed gets up, helping Korso to gun down Tyler. The two are helpless, though, to stop Thrax from taking Leah away. The two then report their failure to their commander: Vilgax.

Dealings and Death

When Vilgax joins forces with Lord Dregg, Preed and Korso take on new roles as emissaries. They end up allying Dregg and Zygon. Preed and Korso soon find an unconscious Thrax, taking him onto their ship in order to deliver him to Dregg and Vilgax. Unfortunately for Preed, Thrax gets up and starts killing all of his men. Preed and Korso let him into the cockpit, so that they might kill him, but the plan does not go over. Before Preed can so much as fire a shot, Thrax slits his throat.

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