Predators are a dangerous alien species from the Predator film franchise. The most feared hunters in the galaxy, Predators are minor players in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Dead Planet

One Predator tries to kill General Grievous when the cyborg lands on a seemingly abandoned planet. It shoots a massive weight onto Grievous's guards, killing them instantly. The Predator then blasts off one of Grievous's hands and lightsabers with its arm cannon. Thinking it can intimidate Grievous into a retreat, the Predator bares its face. The tactic does not work, forcing the Predator to sever another of Grievous's hands with a boomerang. This only angers Grievous, who increases the veracity of his assault. Knowing itself outmatched, the Predator tries to trigger its camouflage, but Grievous slashes the device apart. The cyborg then plows through the Predator with his lightsabers, tearing the monster to pieces.

Round Two, Death

A Predator enters Count Dooku's gauntlet, in order to find more acolytes for the Separatist cause. In the fray, it attacks Jango Fett, instinctively. When the bounty hunter's flamethrower proves incapable of scorching the Predator's armor, the Predator unleashes his claws and decapitates the fighter. The Predator then tries to duel Feyd Rautha, but the more experienced knife fighter knocks him down. Astronema then blasts the Predator's head open.

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