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Sheldon J. Plankton is the buisness rival of Mr. Eugene Krabs and owner of a low-budget restaurant called The Chum Bucket. His goal is to steal the Krabby Patty Recipe and later enslave the citizens of Bikini Bottom.

Cartoon Villains War

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

TV Villains War

In the "TV Villains War", Plankton was the first to fight with his opponet, Mandark. After a harsh rejection, Plankton over-powered the control of DeeDee, Mandark's love interest, giving him the chance to destory his laboratory. Later in Round 2 Epilouge Plankton is so far Closing in The War and has His Army Of Himself but they look like HillBillys, After the Discussings Plankton,Karen,And Their Army is about to Defeat the Villains.


Karen Told Plankton that Someone is coming to destroy him she Picks 3 Ladies but Plankton picks the Wrong one and His minions wanted to come with him but Plankton thinks he can take his own, He goes to Camp wakanawa to have 'Chat with Heather" Heather insulted Him but Plankton Transform in to A Cockcroch to scare everybody only He was Killed by Duncan.


Or Was It!? It seemed the Evil Scientist Dr. Robotnik found the Dead cockroach and Tranform back to Plankton but He was Killed buy Heather's Friend Duncan, Dr. Robotnik revive him and Form an alliance with him and Plankton says Yes and He want to get his Revenge on Heather leaving Dead more than Mandark.

War of The Villains

In "War of The Villains", Plankton feels like he will never accomplish ANYTHING in his life. His computer wife, Karen, suggested that he seeks the help of Bob The Killer Goldfish, ruler of La Planeta De Agua (ARRIBA!).

Plankton then flew to the planet, but was quickly swatted by Bob's Cat Drone, #4, leaving him knocked out and unconsious. Once awaking, Plankton offered an alliance with Bob, who only laughed at his proposition. An angered Plankton then put a Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet on the tretorious Goldfish, turning him into one of Plankton's Servants.

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