Pillars of Time are a mysterious location somewhere in the Ancient Greece. It is an original location, but the portal out of Tartarus from Age of Mythology is used as it's stock footage. They are an important location and plot device in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Origins and Basics

Pillars of Time are thought to have been created by Kronos, though for what purpose is not known. They are located in the mythological Elysian Fields, but they can also be reached from the Island of Argus. Pillars of Time can be used to travel into future, it's limits are not known, but it will send whoever uses it into a random location.

Pillars of Time could only be activated by a God, but later on a statue of Zeus was built next to it, so that people could pray to him, and be able to activate the Pillars which summon a staircase to the sky, which leads to a portal.

Pillars of Time stopped existing somewhere before 1 AD, so people who are brought to the time when after it exists, can no longer use the Pillars to get back.

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