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Pike is one of the three antagonists of the disney animated film, "The Sord in the Stone", aside from Madam Mim and the Wolf. A Carnivorous fish, which by instinct almost eats Arthur and Merlin, making it one of few the villains, who do not act evily on purpose, just by instinct. Pike is featured in Heroes vs. Villains War, though not having a fully participating role.

Heroes Vs Villains War

From a Valet to a Fish

Pike serves as the monster transformation of Lawrence, given by Yzma's potion. After recieving his fish appearance, Lawrence heads off to find Fly, Stella and Chuck, a trio kids, which they have been confronted by Yzma previously. When he tracks them down, he starts to chase the heroes, to devour them down, only to be stucked in a chain. Upon freed from the chain, he attempts once again to pursuit the heroes. However, the children manage to escape, as he hurls into a rock. Beaten down, Lawrence returns to his masters and reverts into his normal form.