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Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokémon franchise, as well as the secondary protagonist of the long-running Pokémon anime. He is Ash Ketchum's signature Pokémon, of an electric type. Pikachu has often finished several battles to Ash's victory and even saved him from trouble. Though Ash's companions and Pokémon have changed over the years, Pikachu has always remained by Ash's side. Pikachu appears in Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Ratigan

Pikachu ends up lost inside Big Ben, but is then comfronted by Ratigan. As Pikachu tries to escape, Ratigan ambushes him and they both start a brutal fight. Ratigan attempts to kill Pikachu, but what happens when he fakes his death?

Vs Drake

After splitting up in the mysterious castle with Ash searching for Celebi, Pikachu stumbles across a wicked powerful penguin known as Drake, who is willing to do anything to prevent him from entering the mysterious tower in the castle. Drake's strength may be strong, but Pikachu's electric powers are more tougher.

Vs Scar Snout

Gallaxhar mind controls a bloodthirsty wolf known as Scar Snout to deal with any threats standing in his way starting with Pikachu, who is searching for his friend, Ash Ketchum in France. As he is approached by Scar Snout, he has lots of thunder that could dismay Gallaxhar.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Witches of Morva

Pikachu hears rumors of a sword so powerful and decides to find it in the swamps of Morva to give it to Judge Ash Ketchum. But he has to get the sword fast or else the Witches of Morva will come get him.

Vs Monkey Fist

Monkey Fist sees Pikachu as a threat on his computer and gathers his monkey army to take down the threat. But as they approach Pikachu, the yellow Pokemon seems prepared to knock down Monkey Fist and his army.

Vs Tank Evans

While searching for Ash Ketchum, Pikachu encounters a bullying surfing penguin known as Tank Evans who decides to challenge him to a duel. Pikachu summons Blastoise again and they both end up racing on sea. Tank Evans attempts to take them down, but it turns out he might've met his match.

Vs Beagle Boys

The Beagle Boys are searching some gold and jewelry to steal in France. But Pikachu comes across them, and when the Beagle Boys attempt to attack, Pikachu has lots of electricity up his sleeve.

Vs The Mouse King

Pikachu has entered Notre Dame and has discovered that a terrorizing army is attacking, and their leader, the Mouse King is planning to destroy all of it. But Pikachu has a plan to knock all the mice including their king down...would sending the Mouse King falling off Notre Dame work?

Vs Edgar

Baxter Stockman presents to Xanatos his newest member of his faction, Edgar. Wanting to prove he's perfect for his alliance, Xanatos tests Edgar into taking out a very powerful threat. Edgar sets off and approaches Pikachu, and even though Pikachu seems undefeated, it turns Edgar and his pitchfork may have the upperhand.

Vs Tublat

Attempting to escape the clutches of Xanatos, Pikachu tries to make his way back to France. However, he comes across a very dangerous gorilla known as Tublat, and the best way to get out is to beat him out.

Vs Huntsman

Noticing that there's another dangerous magical creature on the loose, the Huntsman sets off with the Huntsgirl to track him down. And when they find the magical creature which is actually Pikachu, a giant fight begins. But Pikachu has lots of electricity up his sleeve, but just before the tunnel collapses.

Vs Skulker

Skulker has heard rumors of a Pokemon known as Pikachu on the loose, and decides to attack him head on. And when the two approach each other, a massive battle goes on.

Vs Forces of Hamstervil

After a hard fight with Skulker, Pikachu returns to France, where he discovers that Ash Ketchum is missing. Things get even much worst when Hamsterviel and his forces invade.Hoping to prevent any damage, Pikachu with some help from Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Piplup decides to deal with the Dark Dragon, Dragaunus, the Triceratons, Nos4a2, and the leader himself, Doctor Hamsterviel.

Vs Scar

Already in France, Rasputin asks his new lion partner of which one of Ash's friends to fight. Scar volunteers to take out Ash's best friend, Pikachu, who easily took Scar out months ago. When Pikachu finds out that Scar has entered the Hall of Paris, right before Ash's 1 1/2 years as Judge of France celebration, the bloodthirsty lion is hungry for revenge.

Vs Dr.Blowhole Forces

Pikachu has been shocked by the supposed death of his friend, Ash Ketchum and decides to be in charge of his throne in France. But problems are just getting worse when Dr. Blowhole arrives with Mojo Jojo, Monkey Fist, and T.R. Chula. But with the assistance of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Piplup, can he beat these naughty animal forces?

Vs Thailong

Sevarius returns to Xanatos Enterprises after a hard fight with Dawn. He creates his newest invention none other than the monster himself, Thailog, who then decides to prove himself trustworthy. But dealing with Pikachu is going to be a very big problem.

Vs Mumm-Ra

Assuming maybe he could find his pal, Ash in the Underworld, Pikachu travels to the River Styx, but finds no sign of him. He does come across however, Mumm-Ra, guarding the River Styx, and when he transforms his giant form, Pikachu must use his thunder to destroy giant Mumm-Ra.

Vs Shego

Shego has targeted Pikachu right near Cobra Industries and the two begin their full electrifying battle. Pikachu has the thunder, while Shego has her blasting powers. Which one will succeed in this battle of thunder, lightning, or blasts?

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Vs Destro

Hearing of Ash found in the live action universe, Pikachu busts out of his cell at Cobra Industries and heads for the dimension machine. But Destro has caught him, and wants him back in his cell. But Pikachu does not want to be outwitted, and if he wants to get into the dimension machine, he must deal with Destro first.

Vs Barbossa

While still looking for a way out, Pikachu is stumbled across a mysterious cave where he is encountered by the vicious pirate, Captain Barbossa. Pikachu believes this will be easy to defeat, but then he becomes unpleasantly surprised when he finds out what happens at night to Barbossa and his Pirate Crew. All of this is watched by Captain Hook, who also sees Barbossa potential.

Vs Nazgul

Pikachu ends up near Mordor, and comes across a rather mysterious ring which happens to be the One Ring. But the Nazgul have arrived to claim the ring for the Dark Lord Sauron. But even if Pikachu can easily defeat these ghostly horsemen, it might result into losing the ring, much to the Nazgul's dismay.

Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever