Pharaoh Seti I is a tyrant pharaoh ruling over Egypt. Seti serves as the primary villain in the introduction of the dreamworks animated movie, The Prince of Egypt, before his son, Rameses II, becomes the new Pharaoh and takes the role as the main antagoninst for the rest of the film. A ruthless and merciless pharaoh, Seti has been considered as one of the darkest genocidal villains in the movie francise, as his actions, lead him to the deaths of many Hebrews' mothers. Seti plays a minor role in the events of the first Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Pre War - "Let My People Go"

Before the first war starts, Pharaoh Seti had his own problems with his new priest, Mumm-Ra, who turned the people of Egypt into slaves. The mummy priest insisted that the people must praise the Ancient Spirits of Evil. Although the Pharaoh attempts to stop him by telling him that he is the most powerfull being in Egypt, it was not used enough to please the mummy, who tells the king that if his people must exist, they must worship the ancient spirits of evil. The Pharaoh made his final decision by refusing the offer of the priest, a mistake that he will cost his life and wife, Queen Tuya, by casting them in prison under Mumm-Ra's orders.

A Son's Revenge

However their son, Rameses, escaped from their claws and sought help from the dark goddess, Mirage. Although Rameses offer for help didn't help for changing Mirage's opinion for freeing his parents, Rameses mentioned that Mumm-Ra was summoning the spirits of evil. Mirage then agreed to help the young pharaoh, since the actions for summoning the spirits of ancient evil had been banished from the Oberati long ago.


Later Rameses, along with the Pharaoh High Priests, Hotep and Huy and the magic of Mirage freed Pharaoh Seti and Queen Tuya and battle, victorious, Mumm-Ra's forces. It is unknown what happened to him and his wife, after these events. They may got killed by their son, who wanted to claim the power of the Pharaoh for himself or either lived a normal life on Egypt and died peacefully.

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