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Peter Dickison is the main protagonist of the Rankin/Bass animated movie, The Flight of Dragons. He appears as an allusion to the Jim Eckert's character from The Dragon and the George's book while also being named after the author of The Flight of Dragons' book, in which the animated film was loosely based on Dickison's novel. A mathematic expert, who relies on logic, rather than illusions and magic, Peter becomes involved in Carolinus' designs, and he is transported into a magical world, inhabitated by mythological creatures and wizards. He meets Princess Milisadre, whom he dates and becomes his future lover. During the events of Heroes vs. Villains War, Peter merges with Gorbash, the Dragon, after Jafar accidentally casts a spell between the two, leaving Peter in command of Gorbash's body before his restoration by the Good Fairy by the Epilogue of the first war. After being seperated from Gorbash, Peter reconciles with Milisadre, as the two of them decide to spend their lives with their close friends.

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