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Perdita is the mate of Pongo and the mother of their 99 puppies. When the villains' forces abducted her children in Disney Heroes vs. Villains, she and her mate fight to rescue them.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Edgar

With their puppies having been abducted in the early stages of the war, the dalmatians Pongo and Perdita had been using the Twilight Bark network in an effort to find them. Called to a meeting with the great dane Danny, the two dogs were informed that Cruella de Ville had taken the puppies, but no one had managed to find where she was keeping them. Suggesting that Pongo and Perdita follow Cruella's ally Edgar, they found him riding his moped through the countryside. As Edgar was trying to lose the dalmatians, he woke up the stray dogs Napoleon and Lafayette, who were sleeping nearby. Edgar rode his moped through a channel, slowing Pongo and Perdita down as they waded through it. Edgar finally managed to lose the dalmatians at a crossroads, but Pongo and Perdita then encountered Napoleon and Lafayette, who told them that they had seen Cruella taking the puppies to her mansion. The two dogs then rushed off to rescue their puppies.

Dogs and Cats

Finding Cruella's mansion, Pongo and Perdita were initially disappointed when they found it had already been abandoned, but then realized they were not alone. A group of other dogs and cats, including Dodger, Lady, Tramp, the kitten Oliver, the Alley Cats, and Pluto were also on Cruella's trail after she had either taken them or their loved ones captive. The group swore to help each other in their mutual goal to see Cruella face justice.

Vs Cruella De Vil's Forces

Finding the pound where Cruella and her allies were hiding, the Disney Dogs and Cats found the group celebrating their recent successes. Breaking in, the dogs squared off against Cruella's forces, who quickly rallied to defend their prisoners.Sergeant Tibbs and the Colonel leapt out the window to safety, while the older dogs and cats joined Fagin on his scooter as they fled the pound.

Teaming with League of Extraordinary Gentlemice

Having temporarily split off from the other escapees to continue the pursuit of Ratigan, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice met up with the dogs and cats, teaming up with them. After a bit of hesitation, the animals agreed to aid the League.

Battle of Grimhilde's Castle

As the heroes tried to get out of Cruella's way, the Disney Dogs and Cats and the League of Gentlemice arrived on the scene.The heroes followed, linking up with the Beast's team before setting off to find the Horned King and destroy the Cauldron.

Back in Castle Grimhilde, the villains prepared themselves for their final stand as the heroes and Frollo breached the keep.When the League of Gentlemice was attacked by Roscoe and Desoto, Basil called in Pongo and Perdita, who knocked the other dogs out the castle windows to their deaths. Even more horrors awaited as the League of Gentlemice entered the chamber and Ratigan was restored to life by the Cauldron. This time, Ratigan even had an army of sinister rats to help him against the League.As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily.

Heores Vs Villains War