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Percival C. McLeach is a notorious poacher from the Austrailian outback. He plays a minor role in all the wars.

He is the main villain of the animated Disney film The Rescuers Down Under.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Fall from Esteem

Governor Ratcliffe hires both McLeach and another hunter, Clayton, to eliminate a powerful sorcerer named Tzekel Khan; since Gaston was highly successful in his earlier operation against Drake, Ratcliffe assumes this mission will go on without a hitch. However, Khan is not as brutish as an oversized penguin. Instead of attacking the two hunters with brute strength, the shaman uses his magic to take control of a massive stone jaguar. Before McLeach can so much as fire a shot, the jaguar frightens him over a waterfall. Clayton, for his part, is accidentally hung.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Cruella's Hitman

McLeach, however, survives the fall (somehow), only to find himself hired by Cruella de Vil to eliminate one of her personal enemies, Major Bludd. Since Cruella pays well, McLeach takes the job. Hunting down Bludd with his hauler, McLeach uses the massive weight of his machine to send Bludd careening out his vehicle's window. As Bludd recovers, taking up a pistol, McLeach throws one of his knives; the strike disarms Bludd. As Bludd readies an RPG, McLeach fires a rocket of his own from the hauler. The resulting explosion severely injures Bludd.


McLeach and John Silver notice the disarray in the criminal empire, allying with each other to survive the remainder of the war. Sadly for them, Bishop arrives to haul them into Kent Mansley's prison. After Bishop takes down Silver, McLeach electrifies the agent's grappling hook, giving him a nasty shock. But Bishop strikes again, making McLeach fall into his own pit. McLeach, along wih Silver, is then sent to jail.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Disney Villains War

Lion Hunting

Percival C. McLeach journeys into the thick of the African grasslands in search of the legendary lion, Scar, knowing that bagging this quarry will be a feat to remember. Tracking Scar on radar, McLeach and his pet monitor lizard, Joanna corner the beast in a pit trap. As McLeach taunts his captive, Scar lashes out, knocking the poacher into another pit behind him. As Scar moves in for the kill, McLeach comes to his senses, grabs his rifle, and shoots the lion through the heart, killing him instantly.

A Lioness's Revenge

McLeach makes a pelt out of Scar and prepares to return home to Australia, but Scar's mate, Zira, is lurking in the shadows. She and her lion pride surround McLeach's hauler, forcing him to take up his rifle. He manages to shoot one of Zira's kin, but the lioness pounces and knocks McLeach into the Nile River. Try as McLeach might, he perishes as he falls down a waterfall.

Disney Villains War 2

Joining Frollo's army

Needing to replace some of Frollo's men after the monster attack and the Scottish siege, Staquait found McLeach, who had survived his battle with Zira in the first war, and the Greek mechanical genius Mechanicles and recruited them.

Hunting a gorilla

Sent by Frollo into Africa to search for more animals Hades could send against him, McLeach tracked down the rogue gorilla Tublat. Not taking kindly to human intruders, Tublat attacked McLeach's half-track, but the poacher simply ran over him. McLeach stepped in to finish the job with his rifle, but Tublat knocked him on his back. Joanna distracted Tublat with a vicious attack, but when Tublat made to crush the lizard, McLeach hurled a knife into Tublat's back. It looked like Tublat might recover, so McLeach drove the blade in deeper, causing him to pass out from blood loss. McLeach then hauled the gorilla back to Paris so Frollo could keep a better eye on him.

Vs Edchina

Frustrated with Mirage's manipulation, Hades decided to mount a final offensive against Frollo so he could throw off her hold on him. Meeting with Echidna, he convinced the Mother of All Monsters to gather all of her remaining children for an assault on Paris, taking advantage of the fact that Frollo was out preparing for the invasion of England. The Huntsman, McLeach, and Mechanicles found themselves confronted by the hybrid Chimera, the dragon Ladon, and the giant Cyclops. McLeach then shot the lock off of Tublat's cage, allowing him to join the fight. Tublat managed to defeat the Griffin, Stheno and the Minotaur with his brute strength before Echidna herself joined the fight.

Talking with Monsiuer D'Arque

In France, Staquait and McLeach met with the asylum director Monsieur D'Arque, telling him they were concerned Frollo was becoming more unstable. D'Arque promised them that if the need arose, he would see to it that Frollo was taken into custody.

Prepared for the final attack

In France, Frollo called together his forces, only to be confronted by D'Arque, who tried to take Frollo in after his confrontation with Macbeth. Enraged, Frollo reminded his men that they wouldn't stand a chance against France's enemies without his leadership. D'Arque was arrested for treason, and the other members of the French alliance prepared for the final strike against Grimhilde.

Final battle

In England, Frollo arrived at the head of a French army ready to take back his territories from Grimhilde. Hun archers fired down on the Huntsclan and Foreign Legion soldiers, who returned fire, managing to drive the Huns back. Ratcliffe led an army of ogres into the fray, only to be pushed back by the French militia and Foreign Legion. Maleficent arrived on the scene, blasting a cliffside and causing a rockfall which killed several Huntsclan warriors. Mechanicles arrived, piloting a giant centipede robot, but taking a lesson from Maleficent, Ratcliffe trained his guns on the cliffs and buried the robot before it could attack. One of the segments suddenly sprang to life and attacked Captain Hook's pirates, but they fired a cannonball into its exhaust port, destroying it. As Frollo started breaking in the gates of Grimhilde's castle, Ratcliffe tried to take him down with a rifle, but McLeach came to Frollo's defense, just as Ratcliffe turned his weapon on Hook.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Man vs Beast

Ever a hit-man working for the sinister Coachman, McLeach spends his time at the Red Lobster Inn when the Coachman told him about the rogue beast Tublat, which was considered a valuable prize for his collection. Promising that he would be paid handsomely, McLeach sets off to the African jungles, eventually happening on the lord of the jungle. Upon witnessing the poacher, Tublat attacks McLeach's half-track, but the poacher simply runs over him. McLeach steps in to finish the job with his rifle, but Tublat knocks him on his back. Joanna distracts Tublat with a vicious attack, but when Tublat makes his move to crush the lizard, McLeach hurles a knife into Tublat's back, causing him to pass out from blood loss. He then proceeds to deliver the lord of the jungle back to his employer.

Horrified Interference

However, McLeach's joy would not last for long, Scar took note of Tublat's defeat and claimed Africa for his own. Worse news, Clayton, who had been sent by the Coachman to deal with Scar has been gone missing. McLeach goes on an investigation, too late to discover Clayton's corpse, being mauled and devoured by Scar's hyenas. Though he gives no thoughts of his dead partner, McLeach sets forward in stopping the lion at all cost.

Vs Edchina

Frustrated with Mirage's manipulation, Hades decided to mount a final offensive against Frollo so he could throw off her hold on him. Meeting with Echidna, he convinced the Mother of All Monsters to gather all of her remaining children for an assault on Paris, taking advantage of the fact that Frollo was out preparing for the invasion of England. The Huntsman, McLeach, and Mechanicles found themselves confronted by the hybrid Chimera, the dragon Ladon, and the giant Cyclops. McLeach then shot the lock off of Tublat's cage, allowing him to join the fight. Tublat managed to defeat the Griffin, Stheno and the Minotaur with his brute strength before Echidna herself joined the fight.Frollo's forces reveled in their victory, leaving Hades in despair.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Frollo hires McLeach to eliminate the fugitive supervillain, Venom. McLeach does his research and learns that Venom has an acute weakness to loud noises. He thus brings a rocket with him and blasts it at a rooftop in order to stun Venom with the explosion. The plan works, but Venom recovers too quickly for McLeach to take advantage of the opportunity. The symbiote of Venom manages to knock McLeach into his own animal pit. Enraged, McLeach shoots Venom, stunning the villain. Venom once again recovers and punches McLeach into a river. Before McLeach can defeat Venom, he falls off the waterfall to his apparent death.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs King Dedede

Hunting has been forbidden, in Dedede's kingdom. McLeach goes to have a little "talk" with the king, about the hunting Dedede explains he needs all the hunters for the incoming war. Dedede seeing that Mc leach will not obey frees Tornadon to eliminate the little pest. Will McLeach hunt Tornadon or will the hunter become the prey?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Squirtle

Squirtle and Bulbasaur end up lost in the woods, but discover a mysterious castle planning to stay them. However, they come across two nasty hunters named McLeach and Clayton, as a fight occurs with Squirtle fighting McLeach, while Bulbasaur deals with Clayton himself...

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Simba

In the Pride Lands, the hornbill Zazu spotted McLeach driving through the jungle in his hulking vehicle. Zazu immediately flew to Pride Rock to alert Mufasa's son, Simba, who had been kept in the dark by Scar as to the true nature of Mufasa's death. Regardless, Simba was not about to be chased out of the Pride Lands, even by this unique enemy. As McLeach and his pet goanna Joanna exited their vehicle, McLeach informed Simba that he had been sent by Maleficent to either kill Simba or force him out of the savannah. Simba ordered his loyal lionesses to charge, and Joanna rushed towards them, hoping to strike at Simba himself. Before she could reach him, Simba's warthog friend Pumbaa rammed into Joanna, knocking her into a crate. As the lionesses charged McLeach, McLeach climbed back into his vehicle and fired a net at the lionesses, trapping them. As Simba charged McLeach, hoping to free his subjects, McLeach fired a rocket at Simba, knocking him off a cliff. As McLeach laughed and departed with the bound lionesses, Simba's friends Timon, Pumbaa, and his mate Nala carried the wounded Simba to safety.

Meeting Scar and Shere Khan

Back at Pride Rock, Scar and Shere Khan were surprised to find the humans Mcleach, Gaston, the cattle rustler Alameda Slim, and the poacher Clayton had driven off the remaining lionesses who were still loyal to Mufasa and Simba on Maleficent's orders. The hunters departed, leaving Scar and Khan in control of Pride Rock, though Mcleach warned the cats that Maleficent had given them permission to hunt them down if they made trouble with her human allies.

Tricked by Clayton

Just then, Governor Ratcliffe arrived with a battery of cannons, having been called in by Clayton as backup. As the groups engaged each other, Clayton shot the Beast in the shoulder, knocking him down. Just as it seemed Clayton had won, McLeach arrived on the scene, having come to check on Clayton's progress. However, both he and Ratcliffe soon came to realize that Clayton had been playing them both. As the poacher and the governor angrily confronted the duplicitous Clayton, the heroes managed to escape.

Teaming with Governor Ratclifee

While debating a suitable punishment for Clayton, McLeach and Ratcliffe also decided to join forces, since they were seeking similar goals.After his run-in with Stitch, McLeach decided to join Ratcliffe's faction, hoping to make up for his losses.

Announce Clayton's punishment

Returning to the Pride Lands, Ratcliffe and McLeach told Clayton they had concocted a scheme to punish him for double-crossing them and advance Scar's plot to play Tarzan and Simba against each other, all at the same time. To this end, Yzma and Zira arrived and explained that Scar wanted it to appear that Simba and the lions had launched an unprovoked attack on gorilla territory. To make the illusion possible, Yzma used one of her potions to transform Clayton into a lion with the appearance of Simba. With Ratcliffe and McLeach satisfied, Clayton and Zira set out.As Clayton returned to McLeach and Ratcliffe, he reverted to his human form, though his wounds and humiliation gave his bosses reason to believe their debt had been settled.

Vs Stitch

After another meeting negotiating the proposed alliance with Governor Ratcliffe, McLeach was driving back to his hideout in the Pride Lands when he ran over Stitch in his halftrack. Getting out of his vehicle, McLeach found that Stitch had somehow survived the accident. McLeach opened fire on the alien with his rifle, but Stitch dodged McLeach's shots. Joanna attacked, but Stitch managed to hold his own in the struggle, escaping into McLeach's halftrack, where he released the lionesses loyal to Simba that McLeach had taken captive at the beginning of the war. When McLeach fired at Stitch once again, Stitch picked up an abandoned car and tossed it at the poacher, giving him an opening to retreat.

Capturing two new animals

Having escaped the Firebird's wrath, Meeko and Flit found Pocahontas and John Smith imprisoned in McLeach's hideout, having been left there by Hades. Before they could be liberated, however, McLeach and his hunting party returned and captured the two animals as well.

Meeting with Maleficent

Paying a visit to McLeach and his band of hunters, Maleficent told him of Frollo's planned treachery. To keep an eye on the mad judge, Maleficent ordered McLeach to send some of his men to keep Frollo concentrating on the heroes instead of her.

Vs Jose Carioca,Oanchito Pistoles and Pecos Bill

Eager to begin their hunting expedition, Alameda Slim told McLeach his contacts had informed him of a man named Winkie who could provide them with a hunting permit that would allow them to hunt any animal at any time. With McLeach's blessing, Slim and his crew, including the Willie Brothers, the corrupt sheriff Rico, and the smuggler Mr. Wesley set out for the frontier town where Winkie was last spotted. However, they were met not by Winkie, but by the Patch of Heaven cows and the town's sheriffs, José Carioca, Panchito Pistoles, and Pecos Bill. As Bill distracted Rico with his gunplay, José and Panchito knocked him off his horse with a heavy weight. Seeing his ally in trouble, Slim charged in with his bison, knocking the two birds aside. As Maggie made to enter the fray, Bill charged at Slim, knocking out Junior with a headbutt, then wounding Rico with a gunshot. As the Willie Brothers attacked Bill, he easily knocked them aside with his bare fists. Recovering, Panchito came to Bill's aid, using a matador's cape to stun one of the Willie Brothers as he rushed in with a shovel. Slim, armed with a branding iron, came to end the fight, but José and Panchito deflected his swings with a pinata. As Slim broke the pinata open, candy and gifts burst out, giving José and Panchito an opening to get behind Slim, who turned only to be met by a hail of gunfire from José's umbrella. It seemed Slim would be captured, but at the last moment, McLeach arrived in his halftrack, giving Slim and his posse a chance to escape. Though Slim evaded them, José, Panchito, and Bill were given motivation to seek out the other heroes.

Meeting with Scar and Shere Khan

At his hideout in the Pride Lands, McLeach and his hunting party discussed the fall of Ratcliffe. As if the defeat of their ally wasn't bad enough, it also turned out the fine print on the permit Alameda Slim had gotten from Winkie only permitted hunting in the forests of the Native Land which, thanks to the Firebird, had all been burned to the ground. At that moment, Scar and Shere Khan arrived with orders from Maleficent. Though McLeach was reluctant to accept any more work from Maleficent given how the war had been going, Scar promised them the opportunity for the hunt of a lifetime. Scar explained that Maleficent was planning to unleash the Firebird once again in order to summon Chernabog; McLeach and his hunters were to drive the forest animals into the Pride Land jungles while Scar's forces kept them from escaping. When the Firebird arrived, it would destroy the jungle and all the animals inside as a sacrifice to Chernabog. The hunters would have until the sun set to enjoy their hunt and take down as many of the animal heroes as they could before making their escape. Scar also told them that if they came across the Spring Sprite, they were to kill her on sight to prevent her from banishing the Firebird from the mortal plane again. Though McLeach didn't trust Scar, he agreed that his band had been idle for too long, and decided to follow through with the plan. As the hunters departed, Amos Slade pondered the strange events this hunting trip had brought and wondered just what he had gotten himself into.

Battle of Forces of Nature

In the Native Lands, McLeach and his hunters massed in force, chasing the animal heroes into the Pride Lands. Caught by surprise, the heroes could do nothing but run for cover. Seeing the chase begin, Nuka and Vitani set the savannah alight to begin the ritual.

As the Spring Sprite flew past, McLeach and Alameda Slim prepared to shoot her down, but were stopped by the arriving heroes, including Pooh and friends, Simba, and Team Human Again.Meanwhile, Simba and his lionesses confronted McLeach, but this time they were better prepared. While Simba kept McLeach busy with a frontal attack, Nala crept up from behind and knocked out his halftrack's engine, keeping him from using most of his arsenal. As Simba's forces closed in, McLeach seized his rifle, determined to kill Simba once and for all. He wounded Simba with one shot, but before he could fire again, Ray flew into his face, distracting him. In retaliation, McLeach swatted the firefly out of the air before crushing him underfoot. As Joanna chased after Roo and McLeach prepared to shoot Simba again, Tigger dove in and pulled Roo out of the way, causing Joanna to jump on McLeach, throwing off his aim. Tigger then pulled off a massive bounce and slammed into McLeach, knocking him and Joanna into a nearby river. As McLeach struggled against the rapids, the heroes departed, except for Louie, who found Ray's body.

As McLeach was swept downriver to the sea, harried by crocodiles, something seemed to frighten them off. Turning, McLeach saw the rampaging Monstro approaching. Despite his struggle to escape, McLeach was swallowed alive by the leviathan, and unlike Pinocchio and Geppetto, he would not be escaping.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Vs Ravage

The Animal Decepticon Ravage has become prey to the hunter Percival C. McLeach as he uses a Searchlight to find him he uses a Rocket from his Truck to Capture him as he drives off Laserbeak the Bird Decepticon notices this.

Vs Ravage and Laserbeak

After capturing Ravage McLeach explains to his Friend the Crime Lord Bill Sykes about the capturing and using him for Money Laserbeak sneaks into the Abandonded Opal Mine to rescue his ally as they spot him and decide to fight the two as Ravage knocks McLeach into a Pit Sykes shoots him with his Gun sending his Dobermans Roscoe and Desoto and Mcleach's Goanna Pet Joanna after them as Ravage knocks Joanna into a Crate then he attacks Roscoe's Nose as Laserbeak sends a Net on them as they escaped as the Poacher and the Crime Lord looks on.

Freeing Nos4a2

McLeach and Sykes find a box but are unsure about the use of it however it contains a ally to them the Energy Vampire Nos4a2.

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Clayton

Two hunters battle to find out who is the most skilled hunter! Clayton is determined to have all the success for himself, but can he defeat McLeach or is he just going to be hunted?

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

One more member

Poachers now need a new ally, luckily Clayton has contacted an old friend of his with an animal instinct that always allows him to get the better of his prey, Kraven the hunter.

Vs Cheetah

Cheetah breaks into the poachers' hideout during McLeach's watch at the entrance, causing havoc, and then escapes for fear that the other poachers will arrive, his goal is to reveal the location of their hideout in order to attack them along with the other animals to defeat them permanently, but McLeach has no intention of letting her escape ...

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Shere Khan and Kaa

At the hunters' refuge, Amos Slade asks Mcleach and the Masked Marauder for help to avenge Elmer's death at the hands of Scar. Mcleach finding it unfair that one of their hunting companions has been killed sets off with Amos Slade to hunt Scar. But instead of the lion they find Shere Khan and Kaa who were waiting for the invaders to arrive to finish them off. Who will win?

A visit of Elmer Fudd

Mcleach informs the Iron Masked Marauder that although he managed to hunt Shere Khan and Kaa, Amos Slade was killed. Just then Elmer Fudd comes back to life and tells Mcleach and the Masked Marauder that he has a plan to defeat Scar and his alliance.

Vs Scar Forces

Scar, the hyenas, Shere Khan, Kaa and Darkrai are ready to face the latest and decisive invasion by Elmer, Mcleach and the Iron Masked Marauder. Taking advantage of the confusion of the battle, Scar tries to lure Elmer away from his fellow hunters to weaken him. While Shere Khan and the others will take care of the other hunters. Kaa also succeeded thanks to hypnosis to bring in a new ally. Who will be and who will win? The hunters or the forces of Shere Khan?

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Treetop Troubles

Percival C. McLeach goes to the Treetop Troubles to avenge Clayton and hunt down the Dragonfly himself but the giant Woodpecker hits him and Joanna. The poacher survives and shoots down some henchmen but the Dragonfly arrives and knocks him down. McLeach then falls off a waterfall.

Villains Battles

His group

A group of hunters led by Percival C McLeach heard about their ally, Iron-Masked Marauder perished at the hands of a tiger. Angry for that, a hunter named Clayton tells his plan in which made his sister, Lady Waltham and his boss happy.

Vs Raditz

Having located something coming out from a little spaceship, McLeach decides to investigate and he finds out about inside the spaceship there is an alien named Raditz. Will the hunter defeat him or is the Saiyan going to defeat McLeach?

Teaming with new hunters

After his defeat at the hands of Raditz, McLeach has been informed by Clayton that Lady Waltham died at the hands of a lion. When they were scheming to take out Raditz and Scar, another hunter came in to join forces with the remaining hunters. Ad they accept him in their alliance.With Elmer gone, Clayton and McLeach plan in getting rid of Raditz and Scar. Their plans are stopped by Amos Slade, who wants to help the remaining hunters in kill the lion and the Saiyan. The due welcome him in exchange of his respect upon them.McLeach and Clayton decide to continue search for allies after they sent Amos Slade to take out the tiger that murdered the Iron-Masked Marauder. Soon, they receive the visit of Cottontail Smith and Nasty Canasta, who want to help the 3 hunters in taking out Scar and his alliance since Raditz was killed by Kakaroth, Cancer and Fish.

New allies

McLeach was happy about Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith's victory over Shere Khan and Kaa, but Clayton has recruited 2 new allies to help them against Scar and his alliance. The allies are Dick Dastardly and Warren T. Rat, who decided to take out the lion and his allies too.

Vs Scar and Zira

McLeach has settled Scar in his trap, but It seems like someone that has defeated the hunter's allies comes in the rescue of the lion ruler of the Pride Lands.

Vs Frieza

Having find out where is the Alius Academy base on Planet Earth, King Zenoheld, Cooler and Prince Hydron want to attack it, but Frieza tells of a tale. A tale telling that prior the events of the war, the emperor of space went on that planet to find allies. However there he tells about he encountered a hunter murdered by Scar and his allies...

Joining Governor Ratclifee

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe reveals to have survived his death against Alameda Slim and has allied with 3 defeated villains, whose one of them was though to be dead. As they plot a plan to take out Pete, Scar and Yosemite Sam, but first they need the war to be ended.

Villains Battles 2

Vs Beagle Boys

Yosemite Sam sends the Beagle Boys to go and find allies to replace (currently) Pete, Hook and the Trix. During their mission, the boys are attacked by Mcleach, who was sent by Ratcliffe to take the boys out. When the hunter has got some difficulty, Madame Medusa intervenes...

Vs Scar

Ratcliffe, after hearing of the arrest of the Beagle Boys, sends Mcleach to take out an old enemy that surely the hunter remembers...Mcleach has found Scar and decides to hunt him from Ratcliffe's orders. The lion is scared because he though he killed the hunter last war. In this battle, a new player decides to help Scar...

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Villains War (Adrian C)

Disney Vs TV Villains War

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Vs Parasite

After her horrifying meeting with the newly born Parasite, Madame Medusa hires the infamous hunter Percival C. McLeach to take out her own enemy for her mysterious employer. As McLeach duels the creature (who has recently captured Superman), he will discover that Parasite isn't easy to defeat as he thought...

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War