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Paris Franz (actual name Parry Francesco) is the secondary antagonist of the DC's animated feature film, Batman: The Killing Joke. The nephew of the Salvatore Maroni, in the depicted feature film, Paris is a dangerous sociopath and criminal, wishing to get what he wants. He is a minor player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Paris Franz appears at a mobster party, accompanied by his primary henchman, encoutering Vlad Masters and his girlfriend, Maddie Fenton. Franz then mocks and offends Maddie, forcing Vlad Masters to stand out for her and challenging the thief into a battle on the docks, the other night. As promised, Franz appears on the docks, confronting his rival. Vlad Masters then assume his ghost form, becoming Vlad Plasmius, ready to take on his enemy. He knocks aside his enemy with several punches, proceeding then to hurt him heavily, punching many times at his enemy's face. He delivers the fatal blow with a powerful shot, leaving him for dead.