Parasite is an antagonist in the DC universe, featured as one of the biggest enemies of Superman, first appearing in the Action Comics #340 comic. An inter-galactic being, fed with energy, draining all of the surrounding living beings in the process, similiar to Galactus from the Marvel comics, Parasite is a minor player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

A Battle over a Sample

Parasite obtains a sample, containing the genetic code of General Zod, that it required for his own purposes. Sadly for him, the malevolent virus, Thrax, is also after the sample, promoting the two of them to fight over it. Parasite tries to fist his foe, only for Thrax to catch his punch and knock him out. Parasite then tries to stun the virus with his beaming eyes. However, Thrax easily stops his attacks by defusing a grenade and tossing it at his foe. The resulted explosion and surrounding flames stun the inter-galactic being, draining him out of energy, and collapsing in the process, allowing for Thrax to obtain the sample, who in return gives it to his employer, Mok.

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