Papu Papu
Papu Papu is a recurring antagonist from Crash Bandicoot franchise. He is an overweight chief of a native civilization known as tribesmen. Papu Papu likes to eat and rule his tribe, and doesn't appreciate trespassing. Papu Papu appears briefly in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Invasion to Pupanunu

Papu Papu attacks the Pupanunu tribe's region with his tribesmen with the intention to steal Jibolba's precious power crystal. As his henchmen are defeated by Tak, Papu Papu summons Totem God Tikimon to fight Tak. Tak is able to defeat it thanks to exploding barrels, and Papu Papu is then crushed by a piece of Tikimon falling on him.

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