The palace of power
Palace of Power is a major location in Captain N: The Game Master. It serves as the royal home to Princess Lana and her father, King Charles. It is also the headquarters of N Team. Palace of Power has a wide portal system to different worlds in Videoland, and a powerful tool known as the Power Glove, which can summon the Ultimate Warpzone, which leads to the real world. It appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever as a major location.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

The palace originally belongs to N Team, where they receive King Charles's message to find and unite the heroes of Videoland. Later on however, Dr. Robotnik successfully conquers it with the help of Ghost Monsters and giant Psycrow, and sets it up as the new base for Videoland Villains. Later Mother Brain uses the Ultimate Warpzone to summon Bowser, an alternate Dr. Wily and Eggman. Villains also use the Ultimate Warpzone to help send Skullmaster to the Sacred Lands of Kaijudo Beasts.

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