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Owen Burnett is the personal assistant to millionaire and criminal mastermind, David Xanatos. A minor antagonist in the television series, Gargoyles, Owen is also a minor player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War. Owen also harbors a highly important secret, acting as the magical guardian of the Xanatos clan.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

His Boss's Assistant

Owen makes himself useful during the beginning of the war through his actual position. Catching wind of Destro's plot to kill Xanatos with a missile, he commissions the Scottish mercenary, Macbeth, to stop the attack. Macbeth succeeds in his task, and Xanatos lives to fight another day. Though Xanatos is later captured by the Shredder, Owen continues to serve his employer. He hires Duff Killigan to eliminate the vigilante ghost, Walker, though Killigan fails in this task.

Breaking Out Xanatos

Like the others in his faction, Owen initially concedes to Demona, allowing the gargoyle to take over the alliance. But Demona proves treacherous, conspiring with Anton Sevarius to free the gargoyle clone, Thailog. When Xanatos is freed, Owen informs him of the two's treachery. Despite his reservations, Xanatos terminates Sevarius's contract. 

A Magical Secret

As it turns out, Owen is really the trickster fairy, Puck. He curses the treacherous Demona to become a human by day, a gargoyle by night.

The Battle of New York

The alliance of the human Shredder, an enemy of the false Utrom Shredder who previously captured Xanatos, comes to Xanatos's faction in search of help. The Utrom Shredder has prepared a device to annihilate the entire cosmos. Owen resolves to help. He ends up taking out a few of the Utrom Shredder's Foot Clan minions in the fray.

The Battle of Bald Mountain

Oberon summons Owen to him, forcing him to obey his commands and revert to his natural form as Puck. The fairy king has created a team of "Anti-Acolytes" to take down the Acolytes, a gathering of warriors devoted to summoning Chernabog into the world. Puck ends up an instrumental part of Oberon's assault. He crushes Sage Odin between two pillars of fire, then wipes out Devimon with two blasts of magical energy. Daolon Wong manages to stun him, but Puck retains enough energy to weaken Wong's demon fighters. Due to Puck's efficiency in combat, the Anti-Acolytes score a major victory.

A Call

Owen is permitted to return to Xanatos after the battle. He soon finds that the Illuminati want a report on the Battle of New York. He alerts Xanatos to this, but the criminal mastermind ignores the message.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villains War


After, Bill Sykes entered Xanatos domain to rob the businessman, he carry on his Dobermans, Roscoe and Desoto, to deal with Owen. However, Owen was not a physically human and transformed quickly into the fairy Puck.

Owen Burnett becoming in Puck

Owen Burnett, becoming Sark in the Universe Live-Action, as was seen in Disney Villains War - Part Two

Disney Villains War 2

Helping Xanatos in his plan

early a year had passed since the end of the first war, and David Xanatos, still imprisoned since his downfall, put a plan in motion for him to escape incarceration. Contacting his right-hand-man Owen Burnett, Xanatos had him visit the criminal mastermind's old headquarters and access the rogue sentient computer program called the Master Control Program, or MCP, who had provided aid to Xanatos during the first war. Upon activation, the MCP digitized Owen, transporting him to the computer world.

Talking with Xanatos

As Owen spoke to Xanatos in prison, Macbeth suddenly arrived disguised as a prison guard, having decided to return to make amends now that Frollo had succumbed to paranoia.

Welcoming his boss

Back in New York, Xanatos returned home at long last, welcomed back by the faithful Owen.

Owen Burnett, as later appears as Sark in the Universe CGI, as was seen in Disney Villains War - Part Two

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