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Osiris is a minor character from Mighty Max, based on the Egyptian God of the same name. He is resurrected by Isis in order to get him to destroy humanity, but he ends up changing her mind after meeting Max, the Mighty One. Osiris plays a small role in the lore of Worst Heroes and Villains War Ever.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Worst Hero And Villains War Ever


Osiris is the son of Ra, an Elder God treated as Sun God by ancient Egyptians. He would ultimately become the first King of Egypt, who would unite two Egypts as one unit. One day, he found Isis, who had fleed from the destroyed kingdom of Amara into his kingdom. Osiris made her his priestess, but Isis would eventually fall in love with Osiris. The two would be married and rule Egypt for hundreds of years.

However, Seth, Osiris's brother, grew jealous and wanted Egypt for himself. He ended up killing Osiris and chopping his body to pieces, as they were spread across Egypt. Isis fled but she was pregnant with Osiris's child, who she hoped would later avenge him.

The Rebuilding Begins

Countless years later, priestess Amanra found one of Osiris's pieces from Egypt, wanting to find other parts of Osiris as well with the help of Tomoe and Shizuka, hoping that it would put an end to the rampage of the Fallen Gods.