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Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Afterlife, and also the God of the Underworld and the God of Dead. He is also the brother of Set and also his greatest nemesis, since in the Egyptian Mythology, Set was the one that murdured him. Osiris is the god that put the dead people into trial and decide which fate they will have. Osiris is featured in many spin off television shows and films, including the "Tutenstein" television show. Osiris makes his first appearance in the Non Disney Villains Tournament, although he is not participating in any battles.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

From A Punishment To A Favor

After Tzekel Khan was mummified and sealed into a tomb, his spirit form makes it to Osiris Court, where the Egyptian God decides to put him in a trial. Just as Thot was about to leave his decision into punishing the shaman priest, Anubis reminded him that the Underworld Torturer was recently killed by Eris. Seeing potential to Tzekel Khan's powers, Anubis and Thot christiened the priest as the new Undeworld Torturer, much to pleasure of Tzekel Khan of serving the gods.