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The Orcs are the the most commonplace villains in J.R.R. Tolkien's famous series, "Lord of the Rings" and "the Hobbit". They serve the Dark powers in all of Tolkien's Mythology and also the dark lord, Sauron, and the wizard, Saruman. The Orcs have many variations each other, making them a unique race. The Orcs differ not only in their appearance, but also in their characteristics and actions, such like Uruk-Hai or Black Uruks. The Orcs are major players, regarding the villains wars, acting as the henchmen of Saruman and the armies of Sauron.

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A Successfull Victory

The Orcs appear as the servants of the Bakshi Bunch's faction. During the final events of the war, Blackwolf, the leader of the alliance, gathers his growing army, announching his next attack. Later, Blackwolf sends his army towards to a village. With the inhabitants of the village getting distracted by the visions, showed by the projector of Blackwolf, Saruman orders the Orcs to attack the inhabitants at once, along with the mutants of Blackwolf and the Subhumans of Nekron. The next moment, the village was destroyed and burned by the minions of Blackwolf, leaving the fight as a victory for the Bakshi Bunch's faction.

Defeat in the Ice Peak

Later, the Orcs participate in the battle, between the forces of Nekron and Garrett. When Saruman witness Robin Hood and Eilonwy, he orders their death by his orc minions. Even though they lose Robin Hood, the Orcs manage to surround Eilonwy. However, before they have the chance to kill her, Taran, shows up and defends Eilonwy by taking out the Orc warriors. As soon as many Orcs enter the scene, Taran pulls off a clever trick, as he pours the entire floor with water, drowning the armies of Saruman.

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