Optikk is one of the minor villains in the "New Adventures of He-Man". A spy from the foggy region of Denebria and one general of the mutant army, controlled by Flogg. He plays a major role in Disney vs. Non-Disney Vilains War - Part Three, while a minor to Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Spying Planet Z

When Flogg decides to make a full invasion on the Planet Z, he has Optikk first to see, through his spaceball if the time has come to attack. Optikk makes his word clear and explains that Zurg is defensless. Flogg then begins the attack. However, Flogg is easily underestimated by his enemy, as he easily takes out his forces. Despite their short defeat, Flogg gets a massive boost, when Skeletor approaches the mutant army in a offer to join their society, adding a new member at their army.

The Attack of the Mutant Army on Planet Z

After long-time events, Flogg and Skeletor launch a second assault on Earth, ordering all of his mutant captains to attack at once. Optikk becomes a part of Flogg's air forces, as he sets his space ship to destroy the air forces of Zurg, including Warp Darkmatter and the Hornets. After Zurg retreats from his planet, seeing that he is outmached by the mutants, Flogg orders all of his mutant captains to search the entire galaxy for Zurg and bring him arrested before the mutant leader.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Defeat to the Animals

Optikk makes a cameo appearance in this war. When Flogg admits defeat, he is forced to surrender to Dolf and his allies. Optikk is seen, giving the terms of the peacefull contract between mutants and animals.

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