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Ophelia is the main antagonist of the Chill Manor video game, which is a sequel to the I. M. Meen game. She exists in the universe of Worst Hero And Villain War Ever, but hasn't been physically seen yet.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever 


Ophelia Chill was born to a family of Magis, and due to being a witch, she was allowed to enter Luna Nova Magical Academy. After constant cheating and rulebreaking however, she was expelled from the school. As a revenge, she teamed up with young man named Ignatius Mortimer Meen, who helped him to steal books from the school's library to learn Dark Magic, and using one of the books to create a magic labyrinth to lure children in. Several years later, the witch officials learned of Ophelia's thievery, and ended up chasing after her, which led to now married Ophelia and Meen splitting in their paths. Her current location is unknown.

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