The One Hundred Acre Wood's map and setting

The One Hundred Acre Wood is the main setting area of the A. A. Milne's novel, and the resulted Walt Disney film adaptations, Winnie the Pooh. A fantasy realm, inhabitated by anthropomorphic creatures, the One Hundred Acre Wood revolves around Winnie the Pooh's life and perspective on his enviroment. It also features several of Pooh's friends, including his long-time friend Piglet, the bouncy-jumping Tigger, the good but stricted Rabbit, the wise Owl, the good caretaker Kanga, the young bouncer Roo, the depressed Eeyore, and the human friend, Christopher Robin.

The One Hundred Acre Wood also appears in the Disney Heroes vs. Villains continuity, initially as the location abandoned by Pooh and his friends, on purpose to find Christopher Robin, only to return after their mission is accomplished. Yet, in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, Pooh and his friends are forced to abandon again, after nefarious and evil forces threaten their realm. 

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