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The One-Eyes

The One-Eyes are a race of humanoid demon warriors, lead by the ruthless commander, King One-Eye. They appear as the secondary villains in the animated film, The Thief and the Cobbler. A group of fearsome warriors, sought to destroy and conquer any kingdom they would decide. The One-Eyes are heavily featured in the villains wars.


Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part One:

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two (Round 1):

  • King One-Eye (Former Leader, Deceased by Shan-Yu)
    • One-Eye Warriors (Former Members of the One-Eye, Current Members of Shan-Yu's alliance)
    • Slave Women (Former Members, Unknown fate of them)

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two (Round 15):

Non-Disney Villains Tournament (Round 1 -4):

Non-Disney Villains Tournament (Round 4- 7):

  • King One-Eye (Leader of the faction)
    • One-Eye Warriors
    • Slave Women
  • Zigzag
    • Phido
  • Tzekel Kan

Non-Disney Villains Tournament (Round 7 - 10):

  • King One-Eye (Former Leader, Deceased by Ruber)
    • One-Eye Warriors (Former Members, Unknown fate of them)
    • Slave Women (Former Members, Unknown fate of them)
  • Zigzag (Former Member, Fall into a pit by Ruber)
    • Phido (Former Member, Unknown fate of him)
  • Tzekel Kan (Former Member, Turned Traitor and side with Eris and Ruber)
  • Goblin Alliance (Former faction, fallen to Eris and Ruber)

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Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Origins of the One-Eyes

Originally humans, King One-Eye assumes the form of demon warmonger, when Eris rips out his eye, in order to save Pharaoh Rameses. Lustful for vengeance, King One-Eye builts a massive army, in which all of his soldiers are identical to him.

Rising Power

When the time has eventually come, King One-Eye sends his trusted adviser to negotiate with Rameses, hoping that he would ally with the ruler of Egypt. This attempt fails, as Rameses refuses to let the One-Eyes live on his empire, especially since he the pharaoh had a traumatic childhood with the demon race. King One-Eye then promises that he would take Egypt by force, though aquiring enough warriors and power. He, thus, recruits the shaman, Tzekel Kan, the latter being humiliated by the Egyptian forces. In addition, he takes the Goblin Alliance, comprised by Prince Froglip and Queen Gnorga, to his aid.

A Tragic Fall

Despite his overgrowing army, King One-Eye's era comes to an end, when Ruber, backed up by Eris, invade the empire of the One-Eyes. At first, the One-Eye sends Zigzag to deal with the knight, only to be knocked out in a pit. One-Eye then steps in the fray by bashing Ruber with a massive weight. He then grabs a mace, hoping that it would crush the knight's head. To One-Eye' surprise, Ruber catches the mace and toss it. The demon king has barely enough time to scream, as Ruber plummets the One-Eye from a cliff to his apparent demise. On the other side, the Goblin Alliance stand up against Eris. However, the goddess assumes the form of a soldier, distracting long enough the goblin prince, so that she would creep from behind and knock him off from a cliff, sharing the same fate with the One-Eye. An outraged Gnorga then steps in the fray, only to be turned into a rosebuss by the goddess' abilities. Eris then summons a tornado, that sucks Gnorga to parts unknown. With all of his allies defeated, the last of the One-Eyes, Tzekel Kan settles down and joins Eris' faction, even though she was his original enemy at the first place.

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Alliance With Egypt

One-Eye sends Zigzag, his negotiator, on Egypt, ruled by Pharaoh Rameses, in a proposal to join forces. Rameses reluctantly accepts his offer, through Zigzag, having suffered a great loss, against the Atlantean fleet, led by the Ocean Master.

Heroes Vs Villains War

An Offer from a Sorceress

Spending their time outside of the warfare that follows, the One-Eye warriors bring before One-Eye himself, two emissaries, Zigzag and Ommadon, sent by Maleficent to recruit the One-Eye into their services. with One-Eye agreeing to their offering.

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The One-Eyes:

The Goblin Alliance:

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