Ommadon's Dragon Army

Ommadon's Dragon Army is a group of mythological monsters, controlled by the dark wizard, Ommadon. First appearing as minor antagonists in the Rankin/Bass movie, The Flight of Dragons, the Dragon Army plays a minor role in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

During the final stages of the war, Ommadon gathers his massive dragon army to his cause, in case a big fight is about to be ensured. His predictions eventually become believable, as Hades and Jafar sends Ommadon and his army to the Horned King's castle, and aid the lich king, in fighting the majority of the heroes. However, before the dragons could even attack the heroes, Merlin casts a powerful spell, that puts all of Ommadon's dragon, with the exception of Bryagh, into an enchanted sleep.


Exclusive in Heroes vs. Villains War:

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