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Omiko Hakodate is a minor antagonist from Kill La Kill. She is the sadistic administrator of Honnoji Academy tennis club, often making crazy punishments for those who miss her classes. She appears in a minor role in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Hunting For Whispered

Hakodate is assigned by Satsuki Kiryuin to find Kaname Chidori and bring her to the Student Council, in exchange of offering her a Two Star Goku Uniform. Omiko complies and later appears in the field, where she threatens Kaname with ten million tennis balls for being late last week. Chidori and an IS Academy transfer, Huang Lingyin, end up calling her out on the crazy punishment, but she and her tennis players still insist on launching a colossal wave of tennis balls on her. Just then Kaname is pushed aside by another IS Academy student Cecilia Alcott, on her own floating IS unit. Omiko launches another wave of tennis balls, which are sliced by Lingyin's huge blades, now in her IS.

Lingyin attempts to attack the tennis coach, while Alcott uses the large blaster on her IS to shoot at Hakodate. However Omiko avoids it and throws yet another tennis ball on Cecilia's and Lingyin's direction. Cecilia reflects the ball with her blaster, but Omiko responds with a tennis ball that ends up causing huge explosion on the field that absorbs Cecilia in a cloud of dust. Omiko's tennis players attack distracted Lingyin with yet another wave of tennis balls, only for Cecilia to reappear and distract the balls. Lingyin commands Cecilia to shoot a group of spikes on Omiko's direction, which make her surroundings blow up. Hakodate attempts to fly towards Kaname in one last attack, but frustated Kaname slams her with a fan, causing Hakodate's uniform to shatter as she is knocked out.