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Omega Red is a mutant enforcer that works for Mr. Sinister.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Vs Jafar

During the early stages of the war, Omega Red was sent by Mr. Sinister to assasinate Frollo. Upon his arrival in Paris, Omega Red causes a ruckus in the city, taking down many of Frollo's guards. Before long, Jafar

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arrives and notices the large battle, and decides to join in himself. Jafar uses his magic to multiply himself into several thieves, and is joined by Abis Mal. Riding on flying horses, Jafar, his duplicates, and Abis Mal glide on scene, and Omega Red accepts their challenge. After a brief skirmish between Abis Mal and Omega Red, Jafar decides to end the battle with his magic. Jafar uses a first spell that proves harmless, however, a second one freezes Omega Red in a block of ice.