Ohmtown's Concept Venue.png

Ohmtown's Power Plant is the large structure and main sight of the Ohmtown City that it is used to preserve its electrical power. First appearing, as one of the central locations of the animated fim Rock and Rule, where Mok Swagger revealed his greatest plot: to unleash the Demon Gigantic, with the use of Angel's voice, the power plant also appears in a minority in the first Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War, and the Non-Disney Villains Tournament, reprising it's role to that of the original film, to bring forward the Demon Gigantic, although without the use of Angel. While not actually displayed, the power plant's archive footage is used in the finale of Heroes vs. Villains to represent Mok's power station on Bald Mountain, where Mok invoked Chernabog's Legion of Darkness, including the Demon Gigantic, to the mortal world with the use of Angel and Jasmine. By the end of the war, the power station remained inactive.

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