Ohmtown is one of primary locations of the animated film, Rock and Rule. A play on the word "hometown", Ohmtown is featured as amongst the new homes of the new civilizations of mutated street animals, after a nuclear eruption, that mutilated the human species, alongside with Ohmtown, where it's inhabitants spend their casual lives, enjoying musical perfomances. On an interesting note, Ohmtown appears as the homeland of heroes like Omar, and his band (comprised by Angel, Dizzy, and Stretch) and villains like Mok Swagger and the Schlepper Brothers (comprised by Toad, Sleazy, and Zip), respectively.

Regarding the villain tournaments context, Ohmtown is displayed by the power plant, and Mok's mansion, where they appear as efficient locations in the series, particularly Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War and the Non-Disney Villains Tournament. The nightclub, in which Omar and his friends perform, also makes a brief appearance in Heroes vs. Villains War.

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