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Ogthar is the main antagonist of the animated movie Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone. A ruthless warrior, desiring power and conquest over the realm of Dinotopia, through the Ruby Sunstone, Ogthar is a major player in Heroes vs. Villains War and a minor player in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament


Hired by Varrick, Ogthar teams up with fellow villain Marcus to eliminate Seth. When Seth summons a giant Saurophaganax with which to protect himself, Ogthar arms his personal mini-cannon and shoots the dinosaur in the head. He manages to kill the beast with one shot, while Marcus kills Seth himself.

Heroes Vs Villains War


Released from the Sarcophagus

After Ursula and Morgana captured Sinbad, Queen Grimhilde uses the Ruby Sunstone to release Ogthar from the sarcophagus, much to everyone's surprise.

Battle at the Queen's Castle

Queen Grimhilde decides to sentence Sinbad to death by being beaten by Nessus until Freddie and his allies rescues him. Ogthar was seen in the battle, shooting an alligator named Louis. He can only see in dismay, as the heroes make their escape from the castle

Ogthar's Plan

After the heroes escaped, Ogthar decides that he need an army of dinosaurs. He even sends his two abominations, Rhoga and Thudd, to retrieve any remain dinosaur egg, they would find.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Littlefoot

Ogthar found two young dinosaurs, Littlefoot and Cera, arguing on who hold the Ruby Sunstone. He orders Rhoga and Thudd to go after them. But before they could catch them, they were stopped by Littlefoot's Mother. Ogthar uses his gun to shoot Littlefoot's Mother down and grabs the Ruby Sunstone.

New Allies

Ogthar brought new allies to Lord Maliss. They are RothbartClaviousZeldaPrince Froglip, and Queen Gnorga.

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