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Nute Gunray is a minor antagonist in the Star Wars franchise. The leader of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray is one of the most universally loathed villains in fictional history. Gunray is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Villains War 3

Meeting Grievous

The Separatists under the leadership of Emperor Gruumm discussed their current position and plan of defense. General Grievous explained that they were to split their commanding posts, one to occupy Emperor Gruumm and the rest to hide their supplies. When Nute Gunray questioned whether he and the rest of the council would be kept safe, Grievous assured him that they would be safe under his protection. When Nute pointed out that the Emperor had killed two of Grievous's highest ranking officers, Grievous exclaimed that he was not weak like they were. Gunray continued to object to the plan as it only put Gruumm in safety. Gruumm then stated that after the disappearance of Count Dooku he had kept the Separatists together and that he had kept on fighting while Gunray and his allies hid behind droids. He even asked how this plan kept him safe in this light. When Gunray tried to say that he meant no offense, Gruumm stated that he had done so anyway. He then ordered Grievous to take the leaders to their bunker where they would be safe as he had had enough of their ramblings. Grievous then obliged.

Vs Galactic Empire

The forces of the Galactic Empire arrived on Geonosis to wipe out the Separatists once and for all. The Empire deployed AT-ATs while the Separatists fought back with their AAT tanks. Stormtroopers rushed onto the field to face off against Battle Droids. The AT-ATs proceeded to destroy Separatist ships while the Stormtroopers and Battle Droids battled. As the Spider Droids were having no affect against the Empire's forces, the Separatists sent in Hailfire Droids which tore apart the ranks of the Stormtroopers. A Hailfire even managed to destroy an AT-AT. But the remaining AT-ATs destroyed the Hailfires. As time went on, the Empire began to overwhelm the Separatist with the combination of Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, AT-Sts and AT-ATs overwelmed the Battle Droids. General Veers's AT-AT then destroyed the Separatist shield generator. Meanwhile, Darth Vader busted into the bunker of the Separatist Council. General Grievous sent his Magnaguards after him but Vader used the force to crush them with a large bulkhead. Grievous then drew his four lightsabers and engaged Vader in a lightsaber duel. After some time, Vader managed to cut one of Grievous's hands off. As Grievous reengaged, Vader cut another of his hands off. At this moment, a large group of Stormtroopers arrived and engaged the Droids in the room. As Grievous taunted Vader, he threw and object at Grievous with the Force, sending him flying into a wall. As Vader moved in, Grievous punched Vader back. As Grievous tried to shoot Vader with a blaster, Vader used Tutaminis to deflect the shots and then ripped the blaster out of Grievous's hands with the Force. Vader then shot Grievous with the blaster till his insides went up in flames. Vader then closed every exit with the Force and started to cut down the Separatist Council. As Nute Gunray begged for his life, Vader slashed him across the chest, killing him.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Still Alive

A prominent member of the Separatists, Gunray is on a ship protected by General Grievous. Suddenly, a squad of Xenomorphs burst into the ship, forcing Gunray to close the blast doors. The Xenomorphs shred through most of Gunray's battle droids, continuing their attacks enough to tear into the blast doors themselves. Gunray activates toxic gas in order to slow the Xenomorph advance, but it only stalls the inevitable. Just before the Xenomorphs are about to burst in, some droidekas appear to destroy the remaining aliens. Nute Gunray manages to survive the ordeal. He settles into another base, only to be driven out by the Goa'uld.