Professor Norton Nimnul is the primary antagonist of the Disney animated series, Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. A genius inventor, Nimnul plays a minor role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War and the Animated vs Video Game Villains War.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Norton Nimnul was a student at Evile Academy. He was best friends with Heinz Doofenschmirtz. Heinz and Norton were at a bowling alley where Drew Lipsky and Amy Hall were on a date. They decided to tease Amy (as they often did) about her affinity for stuffed animals and weight. Amy was visually upset, angering Drew, who snapped at Heinz and Norton, and dragged them out of the establishment by their long nose and curly hair, respectively.  Norton later fled the academy during the fire.

Inventor and Thief

Kent Mansley hires two inventors, Nimnul and Doctor Robotnik, to aid him in a top secret project. The two genius minds, however, are unable to come to agreement; infighting results. Nimnul makes the first move, stealing Robotnik's roboticization ray. Though Robotnik tries to stop the attack, Nimnul shoots his left hand with the ray, transforming it into a metal gauntlet. Robotnik sends in his SWATBots, only for Nimnul to escape the lair from a sewer drain.

Later, Norton gloats over his victory in his flying vehicle, only to be attacked by Robotnik. Robotnik effortlessly destroys Nimnul's vehicle; Nimnul parachutes out, however, before he dies in the crash. Kent Mansley, though, keeps Robotnik on.

A Dog's Day

Norton later joins the forces of the Skeleton King, who tasks Nimnul and another doctor, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, with taking down Xanatos Industries. Norton approaches in a strange bipedal walker. However, Xanatos's newest scientist, Professor Ibsen, creates a few flying monkeys to take the doctors down. Norton kills one with a giant laser, while Doofenshmirtz kills the other. Ibsen creates a giant robotic hippo that knocks Doofenshmirtz out of a building, but Norton is able to destroy it. Just then, Van Pelt marches in and sics a pair of hunting dogs on Nimnul. Nimnul tries to run, but the dogs tear out his jugular, killing him.

Disney Villains War 2

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Dr.Wily

Interested in starting an alliance in this new dimension, Wily visited Norton Nimnul. He was interested after Norton showed off some of his weapons, but he ultimately rejected Wily. Later that night Wily stole some of Norton's plans from his lab only to be caught by Nimnul. Wily fled as Nimnul pursued him, laser in hand. Norton searched the city for Wily in his flying school bus only for the mad scientist to confront Nimnul with his Robot Masters. As Norton tried to flee one of the Robot Masters destroyed the bus, only for Norton to get out in a parachute. However, another of the Robot Masters cut Norton's parachute, sending him plummeting into the sewers.

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