A spin-off war created by Fattus Cattus.  


Round 1:

  1. Mok vs Dr. Doom
  2. Eris and The Duke of Vaults vs Hela
  3. Claudandus vs Red Skull
  4. Keldor vs Baron Mordo
  5. Yosemite Sam vs The Green Goblin
  6. King Bubu vs Kraven the Hunter
  7. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. ZigZag vs The Mandarin
  2. Scarface vs The Wendigo
  3. The Ice Faction vs Molten Man
  4. Shere Khan vs Kraven
  5. The Forces of Yosemite Sam vs Green Goblin
  6. Adolf Duckler vs Red Skull
  7. Rothbart and Ruber vs The Enchantress and The Executioner

Events of the War

Part One

Mok appears in a room with a beer to offer his henchmen The Schlepper Brothers, but were then interrupted by Dr. Doom who wants to take over Nuke York. Doctor Doom blast Zip, which makes Toad angry, much of Mok's annoyance he fights against Doom by firing a ball of energy at him which Dr. Doom fires back, Mok and The Schlepper Brothers make their escape in their blimp.

Eris and The Duke of Vaults were having celebration in the Underworld but then Hela arrives to take it over for herself but The Duke of Vaults and Eris won't let her. They summon the Minotaur but Hela easily killed it, then they summon a Chimera and the Hydra to attack her, but Hela easily destroyed them with her eye powers. So The Duke and Eris both use their powers to defeat her but she quickly escape.

Thanos is searching for the infinity stones on earth when he bumps into Rasputin. Rasputin tells him that he will be to use the infinity stones not Thanos just by mocking him and thus angers the titan, Rasputin began to blast him with his reliquary which doesn't affect him. Thanos blast the reliquary out of Rasputin's hands and cause an earthquake to sink Rasputin in.

Red Skull is planning his move in the war until he is attacked by a feral cat name Claudandus. Red Skull easily beats up the feline and was about to shoot him, until Dolf arrives and shoots Red Skull's hand which caused him to drop the gun. Dolf takes Claudandus with him to his place, Red Skull vows revenge.

Keldor is determined to defeat Dormammu, he seeks out of of his chief acolytes "Baron Mordo" Keldor lunges in at Baron Mordo, but Baron used his magic to knock the sword off of him then, Keldor tries to throw a vial of acid at him but Baron Mordo blast the vial causing and the corrosive substance lands on Keldor's face instead. causing Keldor to retreat.

Mr. Snerz has been getting multiple death threats from a mysterious creature who go's by the name Green Goblin. Mr. Snerz can't take this harassment anymore so he calls one of Texas number one outlaw Yosemite Sam to deal with him. Yosemite Sam arrives at Mr. Snerz's company and promising him that the Green Goblin is going to wish he never bother Mr. Snerz, Mr. Snerz is happy to hear that. The Green Goblin arrives to murder him, but Mr. Snerz told him that he won't take any death threats from him anymore, not while Yosemite Sam is here to finish The Green Goblin off. Yosemite Sam threating the Green Goblin, but the Gobling fires lazars from his fingers which makes Sam's hat cut into halve. The Goblin laughs maniacly but Yosemite Sam kicks him. Mr. Snerz can't help but enjoying this fight, but The Green Goblin is not out yet, he charges a piano to chase Sam down the stairs, then throws a pumpking bomb at him causing Yosemite Sam flying out the building. Mr. Snerz now terrified, The Green Goblin throws razor bats him killing Mr. Snerz.

Kraven is in Africa hunting zebras until he is attacked by a lion name King Bubu, who also wanted to eat the zebras. Kraven and King Bubu fought violently but then Kraven grabed a hold of the mighty lion and tossed him aside making him injured. Thus King Bubu ran away but will come back to get revenge on the mighty human hunter.

Nekron asked his mother Queen Juliana if there are any forces that she has gather, she introduces her son to Stormella, The Snow Queen, and Emperor Frostkill.

After the death of Mr. Snerz Yosemite Sam teams up with the biggest brute in the city Bluto, Yosemite Sam tells him that together they will lead their own alliance to take down The Green Goblin for good. Bluto was very interested.

Napoleon has called the animals from all over the world such as General Woundwort, Warren T. Rat, Jenner, Cat R. Waul, Drake, The Mouse King, and all the animals of Animal Farm to create a perfect team, and he reveals them to the unsuspecting critters of Animal Farm, cementing his position as leader.

The Duke found himself resurrected, in his old mansion much to his confusion.

Keldor was then taking to the temple of Hordak's and pleaded to Hordak's spirit to save his life. Hordak agrees, but it would come at a price. Hordak's powers transformed Keldor, as the flesh of his face burned away, leaving the horrifying visage of a skull. Keldor is no more... Now there is only.... Skeletor.

Part Two

King One-Eye meets two potential minions. They are The Mandarin and Zigzag. One Eye he cannot choose one. So, the newcomers duke it out. Eventually, Zigzag is defeated and thrown to the alligators and his vulture is chased away.

Sent by Napoleon, Drake tells the infamous blue fox Scarface to go kill a potential threat known as The Wendigo. Scarface’s Blue Foxes are killed by monsters, and eventually, after a tough fight, Scarface himself is killed. Then a certain anthropomorphic buzzard shoots and kills the remaining monsters.

Green Goblin forces Molten Man to attack the entire Ice Faction. When he finds The Ice Faction, Molten Man manages to defeat Nekron's Subhumans and Stormella. The Snow Queen knocks him down, but he gets up and murders Nekron himself. Queen Juliana tries to flee but she is killed. The only members that manage to escape Molten Man are The Snow Queen and Emperor Frostkill.

Kraven travels to India to hunt Shere Khan. He finds the tiger and manages to kill him.

Yosemite Sam recruits Elmer Fudd, and they (along with Bluto) go to attack the Green Goblin. They find him, but Sam gets knocked out, Bluto is sent flying and Fudd is blasted into the ground. Green Goblin then throws two bombs to knock away Sam and Bluto. Fudd flees.

While hunting for Dolf, Red Skull encounters a duck version of Hitler. The two Nazis begin to fight. Eventually, the Hitler Duck (As well as his ally, a duck version of Mussolini) are killed by Red Skull.

Loki sends the Enchantress and Executioner to deal with two potential threats. The threats are Rothbart and Ruber. Ruber’s Griffin and two members of his Metal Army are slain by The Enchantress, but Rothbart blasts her and her ally. Ruber trues to attack The Executioner, but he is killed. Rothbart turns into The Great Animal, but he is killed.

Yosemite Sam and his allies have survived their encounter with The Green Goblin, so they recruit Cottontail Smith, Nasty Canasta and an old minion of Snerz known as The Goat

Bubu gathers his alliance consisting of Cassius, Tom & Tab, Nag, Nagaina, Nero, Butcher Boy and Chiller.

Napoleon recruits Buzz Buzzard.

Having escaped the alligators, Zigzag teams up with The Blue Meanies.

After their deaths, Nekron, Rothbart and Ruber end up in Tartarus, where they meet Eris.

Mok recruits Holli Would, The Duke of Vaults (since he was revived), Dr. Gero, The Seven Homunculi and Father.

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