Nobuyuki Sugou

Sugou's original profile

Nobuyuki Sugou is the second main antagonist of the Sword Art Online light novel series. A psychotic scientist with pedophiliac tendencies bent on becoming a God Wannabe, Sugou is a minor player in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Nobuyuki Sugou's defeat

Sugou's defeat as it appears in the original anime and in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament. Its archive footage is also used to represent the demise of Marcus Octavius by Kent Mansley in Heroes vs. Villains.

Bravery or Cowardice...?

Hired by Jan Valentine, Sugou is tasked on eliminating the goverment agent, Kent Mansley, an enemy Sugou knew from the past. He stalks Mansley for a short period time until he shows himself in a desolate area, where he intends to murder him. However, Sugou has poor skills, compared to Mansley, who easily breaks his guard and disarms him from his weapon. Threatened, Sugou attempts to flee, only for Mansley to catch him up and threaten him with his knife weapon. Though, Mansley didn't finish off Sugou, the pressure itself paralysed the young psycopath, fainting out in the process.

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