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The Symbol of the Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts Universe

The Nobody is the empty vessel, remained after the person's heart leaves it's host, becoming a Heartless in the process, while the body operates on it's own, without the need of emotions and morals. In spite of this, the Nobody is stronger than the Heartless, in terms of strenght and durance against foes. They appear as one of the main antagonists of the video game installment Kingdom Hearts II, serving as the primary minions of the the Organization XIII, while also they appear as minor player players in the villains tournaments, most notably in the second Disney Villains War

Disney Villains War 2

Killing The Heartless

When Maleficent and her allies entered the Multiverse, the leader of the Organization, Xemnas sent the Luna Diviner to deal with the recently fallen warrior, Shan Yu. At his arrival, when Saix was ambused by Shan Yu's Heartless, he summoned the Dusks Nobodies to dispatch the enemies. With their new powers, they were strong enough to defeat the Heartless with a single blow. After Shan Yu was buried alive in the snow by Saix's weapon powers, they were teleported to the Organization's stronghold, unbestknown to them that the snow did not killed the Hun Warrior after all.

Summoned By The Silent Hero

Later when Xemnas learned that Shan Yu was still alive and Marluxia was slain by Maleficent's dark magic, leaving the Castle Oblivion as a base for Maleficent's actions, he ordered Lexaeus to deal with the swordman Captain Hook and his previous target, Shan Yu. The Silent Hero confronted the two swordmen and summoned the Dusks to eliminate the two threats. While they manage to wound the two foes, it didn't stopped for them to retaliate, with Shan Yu delivering the fatal blow, killing the stongest member of the Organization, before fading out to the darkness. The Nobodies on the other hand teleport to the Organization's stronghold.

The Battle In The Skies

When the final showdown began, Xemnas sent his creatures in the skies of the World That Never Was, fighting Charles F. Muntz and his dogs in his zeppelin. Although some of them were dispatched by the old adventure's gunshots, the other Nobodies were able to deal with Charles F. Muntz's dogs.

Fighting The Dark Side

With the deaths of the Organization's members, save for Xaldin and Larxene, after the events of the Battle in the World That Never Was and of Kingdom Hearts, the remain Nobodies were controlled by the Whirlwild Lancer. During his fight with the masked boy, Vanitas, Xaldin summoned the Twillight Thorn, to deal with Vanitas's dark minion, the Darkside. While the Nobody manages to stun the dark beast, it leaves his guard down, leaving for the Darkside to retaliate. The result blow kills the giant Nobody, fading it from the existence.

It is unknown what happened to the Nobodies afterwards, but since all of the Organization members were killed by their enemies, it is assumed that they perished along with them.
  • Dusk Nobody
  • Sniper Nobody
  • Creeper Nobody
  • Dragoon Nobody
  • Dancer Nobody
  • Gambler Nobody
  • Assassin Nobody
  • Berserker Nobody
  • Samurai Nobody
  • Sorcerer Nobody
  • Twilight Thorn
  • Xemnas's First Dragon Nobody Form
  • Xemnas's Second Dragon Nobody Form
  • Knight Head, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Bomb Bell, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Gatling Ship, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Shield, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • U.F.O, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Bomber, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Mad Rider, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Hex Ring, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Cyclops, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Speeder, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Ring Tank, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Tank, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Mega Tank, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Grappler, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Mystic Flyer, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Spiked Roller, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Phoenix, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Spider, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Mini Cruiser, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Cruiser, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • Main And Big Cruiser, Gummi Ship Nobody
  • The Core Of The Main Cruiser, Gummi Ship Nobody
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