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No Heart is a villain in the Care Bears animated TV series.  He is one of the Care Bears' more powerful and malevolent enemies, his evil-doing making him the main antagonist of the cartoon series. No Heart's domain is a formidable dark castle surrounded by storm clouds.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Magica De Spell

In his dark castle, the powerful wizard No Heart was confronted by a duck sorceress named Magica De Spell. Magica had come in hopes of killing No Heart and stealing his magic to increase her own power. Fortunately, No Heart had conjured a powerful amulet to aid him. Magica attacked with her wand, but No Heart’s amulet shielded him from the attack. Magica then used her cauldron to conjure a spell powerful enough to destroy No Heart. However, No Heart used his amulet to absorb the effects spell, much to De Spell’s horror. No Heart then turned the spell back on the arrogant witch, obliterating her.

Teaming with Gargamel

Meanwhile, Gargamel, who had managed to climb out of the river and was vowing vengeance against his foes, was approached by No Heart, who offered him the chance to become his apprentice. Gargamel eagerly accepted.

Vs Eli Pandarus

Fearing that an old enemy, the Beast, may have returned, No Heart went to confront an old associate of the Beast, Eli Pandarus, for information as to his whereabouts. Pandarus refused to talk, however, and a battle of magic ensued. Pandarus summoned an army of trolls to fight for him, but No Heart disposed of them with ease, unleashing a blast of fire on them, before transforming into a rhinoceros and knocking the remaining trolls aside. While No Heart was distracted with the trolls, Pandarus took the opportunity to unleash a magical blast on him, seemingly obliterating No Heart. However, as Pandarus began to gloat, No Heart merely rematerialized elsewhere, taunting his opponent. Frustrated, Pandarus summoned magical hands from his wand, trapping No Heart in place. Unfortunately for him, No Heart quickly broke free, creating a shockwave that knocked Pandarus aside. Before Pandarus could recover, No Heart summoned magical hands of his own, slamming Pandarus against a wall and killing him. As No Heart was about to depart, however, he was approached by Van Pelt, who provided him with vital information about the Beast's whereabouts.

Confronting Shadow Beast

Following the information given by Van Pelt, No Heart tracked down the Beast, eventually finding and confronting him in a forest. The two enemies exchanged words, but before No Heart could attack, the Beast revealed that he now had a large alliance of dark creatures on his side, including the likes of Queen Chrysalis and the changelings, the mutant bat Goth, and the blue foxes led by Scarface. Outnumbered by the Beast's army, No Heart retreated, but not before promising to destroy the Beast eventually, much to his enemy's amusement.

Teaming with Duke Ighthorn

Needing more firepower for their conflict with the Beast, No Heart and Gargamel ally with Duke Igthorn. However, No Heart is more interested in Igthorn’s formidable army of ogres, and quickly grows annoyed by the Duke. Fortunately, he receives a visit from Toffee, who suggests a way to get rid of the arrogant duke.

Vs Queen Chrystalis

The Beast, wanting to end the threat of No Heart quickly, sends his ally, Queen Chrysalis, and her forces to attack the wizard's castle. Meanwhile, No Heart and Gargamel, seeing them coming and seeing an opportunity to deal a blow to the Beast's forces, head out to meet them. Queen Chrysalis may have the entire changeling army behind her, but a spell taken from the Grimorum may give the two sorcerers a fighting chance.

His Past

Returning from the battle with the changelings, No Heart reflects on memories from back when he was human, before he was consumed by darkness; memories of his beloved daughter, who was taken from him by the Beast. With newfound resolve, No Heart continues on his quest to avenge his daughter and destroy the Beast once and for all.

Vs Shadow Beast

The time for vengeance has finally come, as No Heart launches a surprise attack on the Beast. With most of the Beast’s minions either dead or having deserted him, Gargamel and the Ogres are able to easily dispatch his Troll bodyguards, while No Heart moves on to face his hated enemy alone. However, the Beast is able to use his complete control over the forest and his mastery of illusions to his advantage, summoning up a ghostly vision of No Heart’s deceased daughter in an attempt to break his spirit,but he killed his rival.

Teaming with Mirage

Aware that she cannot kill Toffee without help, Mirage makes a deal with No Heart, who gives her a spell from the Grimorum which is powerful enough to destroy both Toffee and the Wand.

At his daughter's grave

Having recovered from his encounter with Bill, No Heart pays one last visit to his daughter’s grave, bidding her a final farewell.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Seeing Archmage's death

No Heart learns of the death of the Archmage, and decides to investigate whatever is weakening the magic, and determine its cause before it’s too late.

Manuel's Villains War

Vs Bowser

The Koopalings create his power pendant that same who did the super powers of Super Mario Brothers. When King Koopa arrived and tells the Koopalings about the villain from The Care Bears and his named No Heart and prepared to fight. Meanwhile No Heart talks about King Koopa, King Koopa uses a Super Leaf to transform as Raccoon Koopa and Raccoon Koopa is flying, but No Heart uses a evil magic to transform Raccoon Koopa back into King Koopa. King Koopa is falling on the water and No Heart is laughing. King Koopa is jumping off the water and his power pendant to not fight No Heart. But King Koopa uses his magic wand to defeat No Heart and King Koopa is laughing.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Non-Disney Villains Tournament Reboot

In Dracula's faction

Dracula assembles A group of dark creatures beginning their plan for eternal darkness to be spread comprised of the owl sorcerer The Grand Duke of Owls, the wicked No Heart, the ghost Samhain and the unicorn Nightmare Moon.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War