Neverland is the main setting area of the J. M. Barrie's novel, Peter Pan. A fantasy realm, populated by pirates, Indians, mermaids, and pranksters, Neverland is the homeland of the eternal youth Peter Pan, and by extension of the Lost Boys, and of the vengeful pirate Captain Hook. It is the place, where children don't grow up and live an eternal life of adventure. Neverland also appears in the Walt Disney film adaptations, based on the book, featured as the basis of Peter Pan's adventures, along with his new welcomers, including Wendy, John, Michael Darling.

Neverland also makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of the first Disney Heroes vs. Villains War, as amongst the worlds, mentioned and narrated by Maleficent. It isn't featured for the rest of the war, thus it's current state is currently unknown.

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