Neopolitan is a secondary villain in the animated Youtube series RWBY. A sadistic murderous agent, working for powerful criminals, either Roman Torchwick or Cinder Fall, Neopolitan is notorious for using an umbrella as weapon, which it has various abilities, during her fights against her enemies. She is a minor player in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Collecting Bounty

Neopolitan appears in the fifth match of the first round. She appears as a hitman of the Penguin along with her employer Roman Torchwick. The two are sent on a mission to kill Black Mask, one of the Penguin's rivals. They arrive as Black Mask is in the middle of an arms deal. When Black Mask shoots at Torchwick with a custom model gun, Neopolitan leaps in between them and saves her employer by blocking Mask's bullet with her magical umbrella. She, along with Torchwick, proceeds to kill Mask's henchmen before Torchwick turns on Mask. After Torchwick manages to injure Mask's face, Neopolitan and her employer drive off with Mask's cash. However, their brief distraction allows Black Mask to escape from the battle.

On To The Rescue

When Roman is threatened by Deathstroke, as the latter prepared to finish him off, Neopolitan emerges, by disarming his enemy's weapon, freeing her partner from his grasp. Together, they proceed to make their escape.

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