Neo Metal Sonic
Neo Metal Sonic is one of Metal Sonic's transformations seen in Sonic Heroes. He takes this form throughout most of the game in which he uses to disguise himself as Dr. Eggman and to copy the data of whom he fought against in order to make himself more powerful. 

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Called Into Battle

After a tremendous failure in fighting the monster, Tabuu, Dr. Eggman calls in Metal Sonic to defeat the monster for him. Metal Sonic smashes through Tabuu's wings, ultimately charging right through the villain and destroying him. However, the impact of the blow weakens the integrity of Metal Sonic's control frame cause it to become Neo Metal Sonic.

Cruel Trick

Neo Metal Sonic disguises himself as Dr. Eggman and approaches Ganondorf with a proposition: he will destroy  

Eggman False

Neo Metal Sonic posing as Eggman

the massive Commander Spog in order to weaken the alliance of Dr. Nefarious. "Eggman" then proceeds to Spog's lair in the Egg Dragoon to take the giant robot out. He launches a massive drill at Spog, weakening his foe. However, Spog severely damages the Dragoon, pummelling it with heated weights and grenades. As the Dragoon falls to the ground, malfunctioning, "Eggman" finally forces Spog to the ground with one blast of laser fire. With Spog defeated, Neo Metal Sonic reveals his true form and copies Spog's data.

New Friends

After the real Dr. Eggman defeats Dr. Nefarious, Neo Metal Sonic steps into Nefarious's place, making quick friends with Nefarious's AI assistant, GLaDOS. The two unleash Donkey Kong from his trophy; in addition, they engineer an army of evil Kongs to assist them in their villainous purposes.

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