Necron 99's Comrades

Necron 99's Comrades are minor villains in the Ralph Bakshi's animated film, Wizards. A pair of mutants, working alongside Necron 99, the Comrades are tasked initially to eliminate the President, but after Necron 99 falls under the control of the heroes, the Comrades dismiss him from their ranks. By the end of the movie, their whereabouts are remained unknown. The Comrades of Necron 99 make several depictions in the villains tournaments, usually being hired by Blackwolf, to take out a significant player.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Necron 99 and his comrades are tasked by Blackwolf and Queen Juliana to assassin the Snow Queen, the bride of Nekron and mother-in-law of Juliana. Though, Necron 99 himself makes his way to the Ice Peak's fortress, the comrades are not seen tagged with the assassin, pressuming that they have perished, before they would access to the Ice Nation's empire.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

The comrades are sent by the dark wizard to scout the territorries, for Maleficent, along with Necron 99. Though, Necron 99 falls to Protoman and Dr. Willy, the Comrades are not seen in the battle, thus they do not appear for the rest of the war, leaving their fates ambiguos.

Heroes Vs Villains War

While ordered by the Horned King, Blackwolf sends Necron 99 and his Comrades on a mission to kill Merlin's faction, the only hero faction, that may oppose to the Horned King's forces. The Comrades are seen only in the castle of the Horned King, but not afterwards. The reasons of not joining Necron 99, in his journey, at the first place, are still unknown.

Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

In this tournament, the Comrades play a minor, yet an efficient, role. While Blackwolf leads the assault on a forest, hoping to sweep out the fairy heroes, including Crysta, Magi Lune and Sean, he has Necron 99 and his comrades, to attack the heroes, while being distracted. After Sean manages to take out a giant mutant spider, controlled by Blackwolf, Necron 99 sends his signal to his henchmen and begin to fire at the fairies, eventually killing Sean, though losing the remain fairies at the process.

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