Narnia is the main basis of C.S. Lewis' novel series, and its resulted film adaptations, The Chronicles of Narnia. A vast fantasy realm inhabited by various beings, including magical creatures, talking animals, and humans, Narnia is ruled by the powerful lion Aslan. At times, Narnia has been frequently threatened by various evil forces, including the White Witch Jadis and her fearsome armies, as well as the ruthless monarch Miraz and his Telmarine warriors, thus it sought help, from heroic champions like the Pevensie family, or the future lord-to-be Prince Caspian, to defend the realm from the villain forces.

It also appears in the villain tournaments, though in many of them, it is displayed by the presence of Jadis' domain. However, it also appears in full appearance in the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War as one of the main realms of the live-action universe.

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