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Mystique is a powerful mutant shapeshifter and a major enemy of the Marvel superheroes, the X-Men. An incredibly intelligent supervillain, Mystique is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Securing Her Base

Leading the Brotherhood of Mutants on behalf of Magneto, Mystique protects the base. When Demona attacks, Mystique tasks the Scarlet Witch with defending the base and recovering the stolen Grimorum Arcnorum. The Scarlet Witch succeeds, though Demona gets away with a few Grimorum pages.


Mystique infiltrates the corporation of David Xanatos, hoping to dealings with the millionaire. While there, she encounters Demona yet again. Mystique baits the gargoyle, eventually showing her face. Demona pulls no punches, punching Mystique into a wall. Mystique recovers, sweeping Demona's leg. Mystique readies a grenade, but Demona shoots at her with a laser cannon. Mystique dodges out of the way, only for Demona to grab her and throw her to the ground. Mystique follows with a swift punch across Demona's jaw. Suddenly, Demona reveals the pages of the Arcnorum she held on to. Mystique looks on in horror as Demona turns her to stone. Immobile, Mystique is helpless as Demona crushes her to rubble with a mace.

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