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Quentin Beck also known as Mysterio is an adversary of the Marvel superhero, The Amazing Spiderman. A master illusionist, magician, and technology buff, he was originally a special-effects wizard and stuntman in Hollywood who grew tired of being given zero recognition for his work and dreamed of becoming an actor. However since he lacked the looks and talent, he quit and decided to put his expertise in illusions into becoming a famous super villain. Mysterio is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.


Mysterio as he appears in the CG realm.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War

In the Computer

Concerned about the security of his blueprints, Ultron hires Mysterio to enter the computer of AIM and remove any threats. The Master of Illusions seems interested in the job and eagerly allows himself to be digitized. While entering CGI state, Mysterio encounters Pete and Maleficent. Mysterio creates an illusion of a giant cobra to frighten off Pete, but his parlor tricks fare poorly against a powered up Maleficent, who knocks him down pathetically with a simple strike on the ground from her staff. He attempts to regain composure and threat by appearing to grow to a giant, but gets blasted right back to normal by a second powerful magic blast that nearly kills him, forcing him to warp out of the computer.

The Sinister Six

Disgraced, Mysterio joins Doctor Octopus's Sinister Six and becomes the final member of the group as he teleports into their base with a bow while demonstrating a trick where he apparently removes his head. When the Pack tries to storm the Six's facility, Mysterio is the first to go out and kindly welcome them. In a tornado of smoke, Mysterio generates several hologram clones of himself all armed with weaponry, but Jackal sees through the ruse and knocks Mysterio out with a single punch.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War- Part 2

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Cartoon Villains War

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