Mutant Troopers
The Mutant Troopers are minor villains in the television series, The New Adventures of He-Man. A division of armored mutant soldiers, under the command of Flogg, the Mutant Troopers are secondary players in Disney vs. Non Disney Villains War - Part Three.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

A Failed Assault

Flogg begins his conquest of the world, by attacking first Planet Z. He sends some of his general captains and some of the Mutant Troopers to attack Zurg's empire at once. However, Zurg proves more that they have expected, as he easily defeats Flogg's mutant army, leaving them to retreat from the planet. It was not so long when Skeletor emerges from the shadows and introduces himself to Flogg and his mutant army, as he offers assistance to Flogg against his new enemies.

Victory from a Distraction

Later, Skeletor sets his next phase of his plans, as he explains to Flogg that they will make a frontal assault to the Heed, a galactic force, now allied with Zurg. While Flogg sends Crita, Slush Head and some of the Mutant Troopers to attack the Heed and Gravitina, the latter being Zurg's envoy, forward, Skeletor sets a trap for the Heed, as he uses the asteroid ray against the Heed. Before the asteroid would wipe out the entire planet, Flogg, his mutant warriors his mutant trooprs retreat from the Heed's hideout, as part of Skeletor's plan, leaving the Heed and Gravitina to die in the explosion.

Second Assault on Planet Z

After long time events, Skeletor and Flogg begin their second assault on Planet Z. With the defenses of the planet lowing down, thanks to the aid of NOS-4-A2, Flogg orders his mutant army, included the Mutant Troopers, to attack at once. At first Flogg sends his forces to battle in air, so that they would destroy Zurg's air forces, included Warp Darkmatter. Then, Flogg makes his next attack on the Planet Z's central building, sending the Mutant Troopers to deal with Zurg's Hornets. After a brief fight, Flogg, Skeletor and the Mutant Troopers make their way to Zurg's chamber, where they confront the emperor, in his full force. While the Mutant Troopers were dealing with the Hornets, Skeletor challenges Zurg into a duel fight with lightsabers. When Skeletor wins the fight, Zurg is forced to retreated from his planet. In his anger, Flogg orders his mutant army to search anywhere for the current location of Zurg.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

The Mutant Troopers briefly appear at the end of the fight, between Flogg's Mutants and Granny Goodness' Furies, as Flogg orders his armanda to withdraw, after they deal enough enough damage to Darkseid's forces.

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