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The Mummy Soldiers

The Mummy Soldiers are the secondary villains in the movie and series, The Mummy. A group of undead skeletal warriors, devoted to serve the High Priest, Imhotep, The Mummy Soldiers briefly appear in the events of the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Servants of the New Master

After being resurrected by Tzekel-Kan, Imhotep brings back to life his undead soldiers, ready to serve him once more. Imhotep then orders his army to find the subject, responsible for his mummification. However, Khan tries to reason him that he is now under his control. A brief fight starts between the two priests, with neither of them being hurted. Eris then arrives in the scene and seizes the Book of the Dead, a relic, that can controls Imhotep and his undead army. For the time being, Eris takes control of Imhotep's undead army.

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The Mummy Soldiers in The Live-Action Universe