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Mumm-Ra, also known as Mumm-Ra the Ever Living, is the primary antagonist of the Thundercats franchise. He appears as a major player in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Pre-War: Beginnings

Mumm-Ra was once known as Wahankh, a Priest and member of Pharaoh Seti's inner council. Wahankh was the Pharoah's most trusted advisor, and was considered so close an ally that he was viewed as part of the royal family. However, Wahankh's real objective was to overthrow Seti and install himself as the new ruler of Egypt. Unlike his rivals, Hotep and Huy, Mumm-Ra did not worship the Egyptian Gods - instead, he had been contacted by the Ancient Spirits of Evil, four ancient and powerful deities who deemed him as their 'chosen one'. The spirits had been banished to the netherworld centuries ago, and had been waiting for the right time to bring their power back into the world.

Realizing that, as a Priest, he would never have the power to launch his coup d' etat, Wahankh beseeched the spirits for the power to carry out his plans - in exchange; he would rule all of Egypt in their name. The spirits agreed, and invested Mumm-Ra with all of their power, warpng and changing his body into a weakened form, greying his skin and withering him away to nothing, rechristening him as their own champion, Mumm-Ra.

At first, he believed he had been decieved, not believing that such a frail body could grant him anymore power, but he soon discovered that not only did he posses immense magical abilities, he was now immortal. By invoking the power of the spirits with the chant "Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form into Mumm-Ra the everliving!" he could also change himself into a much more powerful form.

Mumm-Ra used his new powers to change into his everliving form and cut through Seti's army and stormed into the throne room, demanding that the Pharoah surrender to him. With little choice, Seti agreed, and Mumm-Ra seated himself upon the throne and declared that Egypt now belonged to him. During the chaos, however, Hotep and Hut had managed to slip out of the city with the Pharoah's son, Ramses II, hoping to keep him safe and raise an army to reclaim Egypt.

Unbeknownst to Mumm-Ra, the Oberati had banished many years before,the ancient spirits of evil, and one sorceress, working for the Oberati, known as Mirage confront the young Ramses and his guardians. They explained the situation in Egypt about the imprisoment of their family under the rule of Mumm-Ra. Although Mirage was unwilling to help, she changed her mind when Rameses told to her that the priest is trying to awaken the spirits of ancient evil.

Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra sought to play God. With the knowledge given to him by the spirits, he began to upgrade Egyptian architecture with technology, creating a huge structure known as the Black Pyramid and using his powers to create life - he bred entirely new species using cats, lizards, jackals and simians and forced them into his service, planning to replace his Egyptian servants with his new warriors when he had bred enough of them. His creations were little more than slaves, and followed him out of fear rather than loyalty. He came to doubt the loyalties of his two most intelligent servants, Slithe and Grune, and began to breed more unstable, bloodthirsty warriors such as Kaynar and Addicus soon after.

Realizing that Mumm-Ra would be unstoppable with such an army at his command, Mirage acted quickly, using the small army of rebels that Hotep and Huy had managed to gather to draw Mumm-Ra's forces away from the Black Pyramid. They attacked Mumm-Ra head on and managed to subdue him in battle, reverting him to his decayed form and ultimately sealing him within the sarcophagus in his own pyramid. With the royal family reinstated, Mumm-Ra's armies went into hiding.

Mumm-Ra himself was trapped in the sarcophagus for thirty years, unable to contact the spirits or his armies. It was not until, in a fit of grief and rage, Ramses II released him from his imprisonment...

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Back from the Dead - Vs Scar

After the murder of his son, Pharaoh Rameses summons Mumm-Ra to wreak havoc upon Egypt's enemies. After the Pharaoh asks for a display of power, Mumm-Ra is grievously insulted. He immediately seeks out one of the war's faction leaders, Scar. Scar, cowardly as ever, sics his hyenas upon Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra effortlessly defeats them, forcing Scar into the fray himself. Mumm-Ra does get blinded by Scar, but recovers quickly. As Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed abandon Scar for his failure to defeat Mumm-Ra, the mummy knocks Scar off a cliff. Mumm-Ra delivers the final coup de gras, hypnotizing the hyenas while Scar is left to burn in the remnants of Pride Rock.

Aggressive Expansion

Mumm-Ra calls together his generals - Grune, Slithe, Kaynar, and Addicus - and readies himself for the war. He sends out Grune and Slithe to wipe out Mirage, one of the villains responsible for Mumm-Ra's initially being sealed away, but the two fail in their mission.

The Acolytes

Mumm-Ra, however, meets his match, if only briefly, in the Acolytes, a group of warriors trying to steal a crystal from the Book of Omens. Odin, the de facto leader of the faction, blasts Mumm-Ra away with a powerful spell. Threatened by the Dark Dragon, Mumm-Ra transforms into a more powerful form, Mumm-Ra

Mumm-Ra's transformation into Mumm-Ra, the Everliving

the Everliving. This new form disarms Odin and trades blows with the Dark Dragon, eventually striking the latter with a backhanded spell. Hecate, however, calls all of the Acolytes together. With one massive attack, they overwhelm Mumm-Ra, who is then forced to transform into a bird and flies away.


Mumm-Ra and Slithe send out Kaynar to track down Mirage. Kaynar finds Mirage in the Pridelands, though he gets into a scrap with Shere Khan. Shere Khan later turns traitor after Zira tries to kill him, alerting Mumm-Ra to Mirage's location. Mumm-Ra decides to enter the spirit realm and destroy Mirage once and for all. He orders Slithe to take out the rest of Mirage's allies; though the lizard man shows some impudence, he is eventually persuaded into the attack.

Mumm-Ra In the form of a bird

Defeat in the Spirit Realm

Mumm-Ra observes as Mirage and Zira travel in the spirit realm in hopes of defeating him. Mumm-Ra follows them into the realm and makes himself known. Zira attacks with wild slashes, slashes Mumm-Ra easily evades. Tired of toying with the lion, Mumm-Ra transforms into Mumm-Ra the Everliving once more. This new form knocks Zira off a cliff to her death. Mirage summons some fire cats to destroy Mumm-Ra, but he absorbs their energy. He then tries to annihilate Mirage, but she deflects the strike. Once again, Mirage's magic begins to banish Mumm-Ra. The mummy clings on, but soon discovers Scar, now existing in limbo in the spirit realm. The lion throws Mumm-Ra into oblivion. In the form of a bird, Mumm-Ra just manages to slip out before the portal to the spirit realm explodes.


Drained of energy, Mumm-Ra returns to his pyramid. Rameses, however, has returned. The pharaoh wants to know who was responsible for killing his son, or he will kill Mumm-Ra in his weakened state. Mumm-Ra is only too happy to reveal Queen Grimhilde as the killer as Rameses vows vengeance.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Mumm ra Plundaar.jpg

Teaming with Mirage

Vaatu confronted Mirage, angered by her intrusion into the spirit realm during her battle with Mumm-Ra - Mirage attempted to defend herself, but found Vaatu too powerful to overcome, easily dodging and shrugging off her attacks. Vaatu then moved to the offensive, smacking Mirage, leaving her dazed. He then gripped her in one of his appendages. However, before Vaatu could do anything, Mumm-Ra made a surprise appearance and blasted Vaatu's appendages, forcing him to release Mirage. Realizing that neither of them were a match for Vaatu, both Mirage and Mumm-Ra fled from the battle.

Mumm-Ra and Mirage forged the Sword of Plundarr.


The time had finally come for Mumm-Ra and Mirage to confront the seemingly all-powerful Vaatu. Mirage then betrayed Mumm-Ra, revealing that she had planned to merge with Vaatu all along. As Mumm-Ra unsheathed the sword of Plundarr and transformed into his Everliving form, he prepared to use it on Vaatu but Mirage knocked Mumm-Ra down with a blast of magic. Mumm-Ra then merged with the sword, transforming into a new, more powerful form. As Mirage continued to blast Mumm-Ra, he fired his own magical blasts at Vaatu. As Mumm-Ra started to do damage, Vaatu swatted Mumm-Ra away, knocking him through a wall. Mumm-Ra was so weakened by the blow that he reverted to his decayed form. Mirage ordered Vaatu to finish Mumm-Ra off, angering Vaatu. Vaatu then fired a blast of magical energy, annihilating Mirage and Mumm-Ra.

Mumm-Ra Plundaar Armor.png

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Mumm-Ra's disguise, as the Thundercat, Panthro

Vs Ruber and Richard

Mumm-Ra hides in some ruins, happening upon Ruber. Knowing that Ruber is a threat, Mumm-Ra disguises himself as the Thundercat, Panthro, in order to get the knight's attention. When Ruber proves a nuisance, Mumm-Ra decides to reveal his true form. This decision only angers Ruber, who rushes at Mumm-Ra with a mace. Mumm-Ra, being more nimble than his foe, manages to dodge all his strikes. In retaliation, Mumm-Ra blasts away his foe with magic. Suddenly, a massive burst of energy blasts Mumm-Ra through a stone wall; Richard has arrived to aid Ruber. Mumm-Ra, knowing he cannot defeat two opponents at once, transforms into Mumm-Ra the Everliving. Richard flees, but Mumm-Ra draws his sword in preparation for killing Ruber. Eris intervenes and teleports Ruber to safety; Mumm-Ra looks on in anger as all his potential victims flee.

A Cunning Return

Mumm-Ra travels to Egypt, where he joins forces with the Pharaoh, Rameses, and the fallen god, Set. This enraged Eris, one of Rameses's allies. Mumm-Ra delights in the internal conflict that is brewing. However, Eris soon joins forces with Nekron, Rameses's greatest enemy, forcing Mumm-Ra to warn Rameses and his chief ally, Fire Lord Ozai, of an incoming assault. Eris and her allies are planning to take over Egypt.

Vs Skeletor

Eris and her allies manage to overwhelm Rameses's faction, wiping out most of Egypt's power. Mumm-Ra waits out the conflict from the shadows, traveling to the now abandoned demilitarized zone between the Fire and Ice Nations. There he encounters Skeletor, who also seeks to control the territory. The two square off, Mumm-Ra using his magic to knock the dark wizard back. Mumm-Ra even destroys the ground upon which Skeletor stands. Skeletor, however, recovers, blinding Mumm-Ra and blasting him with some magic of his own. Mumm-Ra transforms into Mumm-Ra the Everliving, firing devastating breath upon his foe. Somehow Skeletor survives, striking Mumm-Ra with some ineffectual magic. Skeletor tries to blast Mumm-Ra again, but the mummy manages to knock him back. Skeletor threatens Mumm-Ra with a lethal blade, actually intimidating his foe. Mumm-Ra manages to muster up the nerve to smash Skeletor into some rocks, leading the sorcerer to once again take up his staff. The two blast at each other with full power, leaving the battle at a stalemate.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two


Mistress Nine releases Mumm-Ra from his imprisoning slumber, to start working on bringing back their master from Hell.

Mumm-ra 1985.jpg

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Aku and Lord Ozai

In the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai was confronted by a sorcerer named Mumm-Ra, who demanded that Ozai cede control of the Fire Nation to him. Unintimidated by Mumm-Ra's frail appearance, Ozai attacked him. However, much to Ozai’s shock, Mumm-Ra transformed into his much more powerful Ever-living form, and beat Ozai back. The sorcerer then gave the Fire Lord a mere few days to give up his throne or die, and then departed. Ozai, unwilling to agree to Mumm-Ra's terms but unable to defeat him, decided to outsource the job to someone more powerful.

The next day, Ozai awakened a powerful demon named Aku, and tasked him with defeating Mumm-Ra. Aku, impressed by the mortal's courage and eager to test his own power, agreed, and confronted Mumm-Ra in his temple. Mumm-Ra transformed into his Ever-living form once again, but Aku proved more powerful than the sorcerer expected, and quickly overwhelmed Mumm-Ra, causing him to revert back to his decayed form. Heavily weakened, Mumm-Ra was forced to retreat back into his tomb. Satisfied with his victory, Aku departed, while Ozai looked on in satisfaction.


Meanwhile, having finally recovered from his battle with Aku, Mumm-Ra emerged from his tomb.

Vs Scarab

Seeking to make his return from the dead known to the world, Mumm-Ra returned his old temple to rally his armies back to his side. However, he soon found that in his absence, his soldiers had found a new leader: the sorcerer Scarab. Mumm-Ra demanded that Scarab step down, but the sorcerer wasn't too keen on giving up his new army so easily, and refused. Seeing that his soldiers had lost faith in him after his defeat and now saw Scarab as the more capable leader, Mumm-Ra realized that the only way to regain their loyalty would be to prove his superiority over Scarab. Mumm-Ra then issued a challenge to Scarab; the two would face each other in combat, and the winner would lead the army. Not wanting to look weak in front of his men, Scarab agreed to these terms, but added that Mumm-Ra would have to face his own warriors first. Scarab then sicced his personal guards on Mumm-Ra, but the mummy was able to make quick work of them, telekinetically flinging objects at them and shattering them. Seeing this, Scarab was forced to step in himself, and fired a killing spell from his staff. Mumm-Ra, however, was able to block the spell with ease, and boasted that Scarab would never be able to defeat him. At this point, Scarab decided to pull out all the stops, and transformed into a stronger, much more powerful form. In his new form, Scarab leapt at Mumm-Ra, knocking him to the ground. Hoping to capitalize on this brief victory, Scarab flew into the air and fired a blast of magic at his rival, only for Mumm-Ra to counter it with a spell of his own. Changing tactics, Mumm-Ra rushed Scarab head on, but fired a blast of magic at one of the pillars. With his attention focused on Mumm-Ra, Scarab was unable to react to the falling pillar in time, and was crushed under it, with his dead body falling limply to the ground. Seeing their new leader fall, the soldiers pledged their loyalty to Mumm-Ra once more.

Vs Lord Darkar

Continuing his campaign to expand his influence by eliminating powerful targets, Skeletor tasks Mumm-Ra with eliminating the Black Phoenix, Lord Darkar. Mumm-Ra, eager to demonstrate his power to his allies, confronts Darkar at his castle, but the Black Phonenix does not plan to go down so easily...

Vs Skullmaster's Forces

Hoping to acquire a source of power that will help him to make a substantial move against Shredder, Skeletor launches an all-out assault on the fortress of Skullmaster in hopes of claiming his Crystal Of Souls. While the two armies clash outside, Skeletor moves further into the fortress, where Skullmaster waits for him...

Prepared for the final battle

At New Snake Mountain, Skeletor holds a meeting of his own faction, planning to strike against Shredder before he can conquer the world. With the new power he has gained and the information Evil Lyn has given him, Skeletor and his allies prepare for a surprise attack on Shredder’s HQ in New York.

Final Battle

However, at that moment, Skeletor and his forces arrive, launching a surprise attack on the city.Despite Mozenrath’s death, his army continues to fight on, now being led by Alpha. Mumm-Ra and the Huntsclan fight to hold them back, while the Huntsman engages Alpha himself. Enchantress teleports away, breaking her control over the monsters, and leaving Mumm-Ra and the Huntsman to finish them off.Mumm-Ra finally defeated Mozenrath's army.

Cartoon Villains War-Part Two

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two


Furious of Mewtwo still alive, Hades and Aku bring Mumm-Ra out of his tomb hoping he could beat the rare Pokemon.

Vs Garry

To prove himself a powerful villain, Mumm-Ra is sent by Hades to take out Gary Oak, the Pokemon trainer before he could face Mewtwo. And as Mumm-Ra approaches Gary Oak, he seems to be a match for his Arcanine.

Welcoming his army

Mumm-Ra welcomes his newest army into Hades' alliance.

Sending two generals

Mumm-Ra, has watched Mewtwo send Squirtle and Bulbasaur to attack Hades. So he sends his latest generals, Grune and Slithe, to destroy them before they can harm Hades.

Vs Mewtwo's Forces

With an amazing army, Hades is now ready to attack Hades once and for all. But as they encounter his island, Mewtwo to found to have super Pokemon clones as his forces as well as Mew. It's going to be a big battle between them and Hades' forces including Aku, Mumm-Ra, Ayam Aghoul, and Mumm-Ra's armies.

Vs Pikachu

Assuming maybe he could find his pal, Ash in the Underworld, Pikachu travels to the River Styx, but finds no sign of him. He does come across however, Mumm-Ra, guarding the River Styx, and when he transforms his giant form, Pikachu must use his thunder to destroy giant Mumm-Ra.

Remaining Defender

With the defeats of Aku and Echinda, Ayam Aghoul is left to watch the Underworld alongside with Mumm-Ra, who survived his defeat from Pikachu.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Freeing Snow Queen

Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra uses his powers to bring back a frozen ice queen.


Grune and Slithe getting annoyed with Mumm-Ra, decide to send Kaynar out of the Underworld to get someone into defeating him. Kaynar comes across Red, and asks him to rid Mumm-Ra, but the Pokémon trainer thinks he's another trickster, and declines it. Furious, Kaynar decides to fight instead.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Villains Battles

Watching an event

Meanwhile, the everliving Mumm-Ra watches an event as Zamasu kills his universe's Supreme Kai and becomes the new successor as a dark plot comes ahead.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Ultramen and Ultra Kaiju vs Pokemon Heroes, Disney and Non Disney Villains War

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War