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Fa Mulan is a Chinese woman who joined the Imperial Army in her ailing father's place to thwart the Hunnic invasion led by the warlord Shan Yu. Though not a warrior by birth, she learned quickly and became a capable, agile, and quick-thinking swordswoman. She fights with the forces of good in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Leaving her home

As Shan Yu began his invasion of China, the Chinese maiden Mulan decided to take her ailing father's armor and weapons, disguising herself as a man to aid the Chinese army against the Huns.

Vs Jafar and Abis Mal

While Ursula was capturing the Genie, Jafar himself headed for China to help Shan Yu's invasion, bringing his lackey Abis Mal along for backup. Finding the Chinese Imperial Army, which had been mustered to face the Huns, Jafar, Mal, and a group of shadowy horsemen ambushed them in a mountain pass. Abis Mal kicked Captain Li Shang off his horse while Jafar and the horsemen rained fire down on the soldiers from above, forcing them into a retreat. Seeing what was happening, Mulan (who had managed to join up with the army) attacked Abis Mal when he threatened Shang, easily defeating the thief. Jafar then revealed himself, hypnotizing Shang with his staff. The soldiers Yao, Ling, and Chien Po tried to help Shang, but Jafar scared them off with a demonstration of his power. Jafar knocked Mulan to the ground, revealing her to be a woman. Since a woman joining the Imperial Army, especially by subterfuge, was a capital crime, Jafar convinced Shang to leave Mulan in the mountains to die of exposure. With most of the Imperial Army now under his control, Jafar and Shang departed, leaving Mulan with only her companions Mushu and Cri-Kee for comfort.

Vs Forte

In the mountains near France, Mulan encountered the Beast, who told her of his search for Belle. Mulan offered to join the Beast in his quest, but when he mentioned that he had left Quasimodo behind with Forte, she changed her mind and decided to rescue the hunchback. The Beast refused to accompany her, wanting to focus on saving Belle, much to Mulan's frustration. Mulan and her companions left to face Forte alone, leaving the Beast feeling guilty. At Beast's castle, Forte was torturing Quasimodo with his melancholy music, when Mulan broke in and confronted him. Refusing to release Quasimodo, Forte used his music to conjure up images of cherubs to fight for him. The cherubs attacked Mushu with bows and a cannon, knocking him senseless. As Mulan leapt from the balcony onto a column to evade the cherubs, a blast of Forte's music cut into the pillar Mulan was hanging from, leaving her hanging for dear life. Just as it seemed Forte had won, the Beast burst in, having decided to take action against his former servant. The cherubs fired their arrows at him and Mushu, but the Beast chased after them and crushed them in his paws. As Forte kept the Beast back with torrents of music, he cut part of the rope Mulan was hanging on to, leaving her literally hanging by a thread. Realizing that Forte's keyboard was the source of his power, the Beast pushed forward to destroy it. Mulan managed to climb back to safety and slashed the supports holding Forte to the wall as Beast picked up a piano and threw it onto Forte's keyboard, robbing the evil pipe organ of his powers. Quasimodo finally broke free from his bindings, destroying the remaining columns keeping Forte up and sending him crashing to the floor, the first of the major villains to be destroyed. As Quasimodo and the Beast made amends, the three decided to stay together to seek their respective loved ones.

Teaming with Seven Dwarfs

Regrouping outside the Horned King's citadel, Beast's group and the Seven Dwarfs were able to get to know each other, though Beast, Mulan, and Quasimodo were unsure if the Dwarfs would be able to fight if they found themselves in trouble again

Vs Frollo Forces

At that moment, Gaston and Amos Slade arrived at McLeach's behest, telling Frollo that the Beast's group had been spotted in the area, and Quasimodo was with them. Frollo decided to ambush the group, much to Hook and the Queen's delight. As the villain forces surrounded the Beast's party, Frollo congratulated Quasimodo for leading his friends into Frollo's clutches.LeFou cornered Mushu and threatened him with a torch, but Mulan intervened and swept LeFou's legs out from under him. Mulan then confronted Amos Slade, blocking him from entering the battle.Hook moved in next, engaging Mulan in a sword fight, but she got the upper hand and knocked him into a wall.As he and the others moved in to protect the Beast, Quasimodo called Frollo out on his hypocrisy and cruelty. Even so, it seemed to be a lost cause, as Frollo's soldiers moved in to either capture or kill the heroes, when a bolt of magic suddenly teleported the group away.

Meeting Mama Odie

As the resistance retreated from Castle Grimhilde, the Beast's party was teleported there from Paris and greeted by the figure of Maleficent. The heroes believed they were about to meet their end, but were shocked to discover "Maleficent" was really Mama Odie, who had taken the guise to fool Frollo into focusing his forces on Maleficent's alliance. Odie also told the group what had happened at the last battle, telling them that they needed to find a way to destroy the Black Cauldron and the Cauldron Born.

Vs Dr.Facilier

As the Beast's team escaped into the woods, they believed they had eluded Facilier, and the Beast and Belle finally got a moment to rejoice at finding each other again. However, they underestimated the witch doctor, who used a voodoo doll to inflict harm on the Beast. The others rushed in to help, and the team battled Facilier and his demons. Mushu used his flames to destroy the shadow demons, but the heroes couldn't prevent Facilier from stabbing the voodoo doll through the heart, causing the Beast to collapse. An enraged Mulan attacked Facilier, managing to knock the talisman that gave Facilier his powers out of his grasp. The Dwarfs kept Facilier from claiming the talisman, tossing it to Quasimodo. Facilier begged for mercy, but seeing the Beast's condition, Quasimodo instead smashed the talisman to pieces. At once, the Friends on the Other Side appeared to collect on the debt Facilier owed them for using their power. The heroes could do nothing but watch in horror as the Friends dragged Facilier struggling and screaming into their netherrealm. All that was left of the witch doctor was a tombstone bearing his name and his face in stone, eternally screaming a silent scream. As the heroes recovered, they realized the Beast was dying from his wounds. Belle rushed to his side, but couldn't do anything to help. With his last words, the Beast expressed his joy that he got to see Belle one last time.

Vs Ratigan and his forces

Outside Castle Grimhilde, Shan Yu alerted the castle garrison to the approach of Mama Odie's team, eager to avenge the Beast's death. As Mulan and Quasimodo faced off against the Horned King's barbarians and Lady Tremaine, Shan Yu went after the charging Dwarfs, with Grumpy narrowly avoiding the Hun's thrown sword.Ratigan quickly sent Mulan after, leaving both heroes unable to fight. As Ratigan was about to cut the rope and kill both Mulan and Quasimodo, a loud roar shook the castle: the Beast had returned, successfully revived by Mama Odie.

Battle of Grimhilde's Castle

As the Beast's team found themselves pinned down by the Horned King and Grimhilde's forces, help finally arrived in the form of Aladdin's resistance army. On the other side of the castle doors, Quasimodo, Mulan, and the Seven Dwarfs desperately tried to keep Frollo out.The heroes followed, linking up with the Beast's team before setting off to find the Horned King and destroy the Cauldron.

Back in Castle Grimhilde, the villains prepared themselves for their final stand as the heroes and Frollo breached the keep.Lady Tremaine and her daughters confronted Mulan and Quasimodo, with Drizella urging her mother to turn the two into toads. Just before she could, Li Shang deflected the blast with his sword, turning Tremaine and Drizella into toads instead, leaving Anastasia and Lucifer to escape. As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily.

Battle of Agrabah

Aladdin and a small army of resistance fighters arrived in Agrabah and prepared to lay siege to the palace.Seizing a rocket, Mulan used Mushu to light the fuse and launched it at Mim, finally knocking her out. As the heroes scaled the cliff to attack the palace, Jafar tried to bar the gates, but the Chinese soldiers used a battering ram to break them in, smashing Jafar behind them.Mulan seemed to destroy the sorcerer with a rocket launcher, but he emerged from the rubble unharmed and started beating the heroes back with his magic. Mulan also tried to attack, but Iago beat her back, allowing Jafar to escape.The League of Gentlemice freed the Sultan from Jafar's dungeon, allowing the monarch to escape with the heroes before the Titan leveled the building.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heroes Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Meeting Phineas and Ferb

Mushu introduced Mulan, Donald, and Goofy to Phineas, Ferb, and their friends who agreed to help them on their mission.

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